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Bongard Deck Oven: SOLEO EVO

Designed for the Pâtissier or Boulanger

The Bonguard Modeula Deck Oven: SOLEO EVO comes with all the modularity and quality from its long-standing Soleo line, but with a special eye towards meeting the unique needs of bakers and pastry chefs (with a touch of pizza oven as an option). Great for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and cafés.

Designed to allow you to bake fresh dough, cold dough (especially if you are working with PANEOTRAD), and even frozen raw dough. Thanks to its refractory deck, the SOLEO EVO oven can obtain a baking result close to that obtained in old-fashioned wood-fired ovens. High-quality steam is produced in just the right amount thanks to one steam generator per deck and can be set to precise settings (within mm).

The SOLEO EVO is designed to be ordered either with a baking opening or pasty opening option (See below for more). To adapt to your production, the SOLEO EVO range is modular from 1 to 5 decks and from 2 to 6 trays per deck.

Want to offer pizza for your customers w/o needing a separate oven? Add 1 or 2 special pizza decks that can reach 400°C to achieve that perfect pizza crust and finish!

Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo EVO

Customizable to Your Needs

Find a model that fits your space and production requirements that can bake everything you need

A Base that’s Right for You

Order it with a stand, a prep table drawer, or proofer. All come with wheels for easy movement

Independent Steam

Each deck can come with its own independent steam generator

Designed for Bakers or Pastry Chefs

Choose between decks designed specifically to meet the production and baking needs of bakers or pasty chefs

SOLEO EVO: Baking Opening

Designed with deck openings that open inwards and specifically to be used with an integrated loader, eliminating the need for the baker to manually load and open each deck. Loading can be carried out over the entire width of the door, or on half-width to limit heat loss.

SOLEO EVO: Pastry Opening

For deserts and pastry chefs, this oven deck has been optimized to give you greater control of your bake, to allow you to see products better during the baking process, and to simplify loading and unloading. Each Deck door opens outwards and is designed to work with a manual loader or oven peel.

Multiple models are available. The M2 Shop model is a compact version with a small footprint, ideal for cafe’s or hotel restaurants, and fits onto a work table or bench.

Additional Options

  • The base is fully customizable and can be fitted with a simple tray rack, or a proof box with humidity management. (both are on wheels for easy movement in your space)
  • A venting hood is available as an option. If the oven is used without steam, it is possible to choose only an insulating strip
  • Side panels and base trim can also be ordered in stainless steel
  • Add a drawer to act as a prep table
  • Oven comes standard with one control panel that controls all decks. Option to order a separate control panel for each deck, either touch screen or electromechanical.

Touch Controls

Each oven comes with a touch control display to manage all of the oven‘s decks independently.

  • Manual or automated recipe mode
  • Schedule delayed backing
  • Energy saving function
  • Recipe creation based on temperature, duration, steam injection, and automatic steam vent opening
  • Create custom user profiles
  • Built-in ability to view production and energy statistics
  • If required, the oven can also be fitted with an electromechanical control for each deck

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