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Trima BA Bread Roll Feeder

The universal bread roll feeder for small and medium-sized bakeries.  Flexible and freely-programmable feeder.  The BA bread roll feeder is a flexible and freely-programmable feeder in a compact size with which the individual feeding profiles can be selected.  It can be used in combination with the KE head machine for the manufacture and feeding of pieces of dough on proofing trays up to 2m long, whereby all types of bread rolls and all types of dough can be processed manually.  The pieces of dough are transferred from the spreading belt of the head machine directly onto the feeder.  A feeder belt which runs continuously enable even feeding of the products, whereby the number of rows in a row can be set via the program.  Depending on the model of the feeder, the configuration of non-stackable sheets and proofing trays 58 x 78 cm or 58 x 98 cm as well as 60 x 40 cm or of oven-long belts 160cm or 200 cm is possible.


The universal bread roll feeder for small and medium-sized bakeries. Flexible and freely-programmable feeder.


Flexible and freely-programmable feeder


Universal depositing device


Individual depositing profiles


Universal bread roll feeder for small and medium-sized bakeries


  • A depositing belt which runs continuously enables even depositing of the products, whereby the number of rows in a line can be set via the program.
  • Via the touch panel of the head machine, the precise positioning as well as the various depositing programs can be easily set and stored in the control unit through recipe management. In this way it is easy and quick to change between the various depositing programs.
  • can be combined with head machine KE (4-, 5- or 6-pocket)
  • with long-rolling device or folded-in long-rolling device
  • for products as if hand-made quality
  • very simple and easy one-man operation
  • simple and quick to clean
  • stainless steel design
  • machine on wheels

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