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Bassanina Double Rack Oven: Roller 89

EM Bakery’s Best-Selling Rack Oven

Bassanina has poured over 40 years of Italian engineering and baking experience into these ovens, with many of these models lasting in the field for over 20 years with regular maintenance and non-stop continuous baking.

Perfect for a single retail baking location, or for a mass production facility with multiple ovens combined together

These rack ovens are designed to accommodate a Double Rack, holding 18-54 standard-sized trays depending on the product you are baking. Simply open the door, roll the rack in, lock it in place, lock the door, select the desired programming, and the baking will begin. Racks ovens are excellent for pairing with roll-in rack proofers for baking yeast-based products, or for loading your products onto trays and racks in a separate production area from where your oven(s) are located.

These Rack ovens are designed to deliver consistent and highly accurate convection heat to your products as the rack rotates in the oven.

The Roller 89 Cyclope features exclusive contours and painstaking attention to detail in all aspects. Designed for High Efficiency & Durability: engineered in the finest detail to assure extended durability and working life. Every detail helps to reduce heat loss and optimize heat dispersion inside the oven, lowering your energy costs and decreasing time needed to bake.

Continuous Non-Stop Baking. The oven is designed, built and tested to perform continuous uninterrupted baking cycles. It can adapt to various baking settings and the temperature rise is constant irrespective of the number of products you have baking. The stable, uniform and even baking environment created by the oven imparts volume and spring to all types of breads. 594 Baguettes per hour.


ETL electrical certified BISSC sanitation certification

Bassanina Double Rack Oven - Roller 89 Cyclope

Top Quality & Highly Versatile Oven For All l=Levels of Production

Continuous Baking

Max your production. Oven is designed, built and tested to perform continuous uninterrupted baking cycles

One Oven for All your Products

Stable, uniform and even baking, combined with optional steam, allows you to bake almost anything you want.


Save time and deliver 100% consistency by pre-programming up to 99 of your recipes. Temperature, time, steam and steam duration

Keep Your Staff Safe

A large red light to indicate “oven-on”, heat resistant doors & glass, burners and heating elements housed and locked away, etc.

Additional Features Included

  • Fits 1 double rack, or 2 single racks. Tray dimensions 46x66cm or 18x26inches
  • Mechanical or digital programmable panel (99 recipe storage)
  • 3 Phase power 220V 60hz

Customizable Features

  • Upgradable LCD screen to allow up to 300 recipe’s to be programmed
  • Rack suspension system to hold racks from the top of the oven
  • Inverter / Variable speed steam extractor and air circulation fan
  • All Electric Model

Quality Manufacturing at its Best

The oven is made of 1.0 to 5.0 mm gauge stainless steel. The skillful use of different sheet metal gauges and the special bending system employed, plus the exclusive coupling system for individual components, reduces heat losses and optimizes heat dispersion inside the oven. The front panel is made of 1.5 mm gauge sheet steel, while the heat exchanger is made of 2 mm gauge AISI 310 temperature-resistant steel. The exclusive steamers are made of iron (Fe) for technical reasons. All the compact and easy to handle parts are joined with nuts and bolts. This system offers superior performance to welds in relation to thermal expansion phenomena and it assures extended durability and working life.


Ovens are Scalable for Larger Production

Bassanina Double Rack oven - Continuous Setup











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