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DOMIX 60-70

Electronic innovation dedicated to the Bakery sector. The automatic doser-mixer line Domix 60-70 is equipped with an advanced software that guarantees maximum precision in water mixing, allowing the batches to be standardized to obtain uniform quality that can be repeated over time.  A 10” color touch interface allows to perform all the tasks in an easy and intuitive way, with the possibility of storing up to 99 recipes with single, double or multiple deliveries.  The models of this series are ready for Remote Control via RS 485 interface or Ethernet port. Thanks to the STM-Cloud system, it is possible to make the most of the potential of Remote Control and Teleassistance both via APP and via Web browser.

The automatic doser-mixer line Domix 60-70 is equipped with an advanced software


All components are easily replaceable and a self diagnosis program helps identifying main problems


Minimum tolerances (± 0.5 °C on temperature) thanks to a unique and performing automatic mixing system


The performances of the machine improve thanks to a self-learning system able to consider the specific working conditions


To program simple, double or multiple deliveries. 2 Special recipes allow to work in critical conditions (without liter-counter or internal temperature probe)

High precision dosing and mixing In the baking process, the water management phase is fundamental: being at the beginning of the process and representing about 50% of the dough, it has direct repercussions on the quality of the final product. Our range of dosers and dosers-mixers is able to satisfy the most diverse needs, always ensuring compliance with the STM performance and precision standards, in order to easily manage the dosage of water and oil. Our most advanced dosing and mixing systems are ready for remote control and assistance.

The innovative high-efficiency STM Chillers allow you to supply the required quantity of water at the desired temperature (down to 2 °C) keeping it constant for all the deliveries, a condition that ensures quality and repeatability of the final product. Our water chillers are equipped with an automatic washing system that periodically removes limestone and bacteria that might form in the tank and in the hydraulic circuit, maintaining perfect cleanliness and hygiene of water and components. Thanks to the 7” touch electronic controller, it is easy to have all the phases under control, to access the most relevant information locally or remotely thanks to the connection to the STM-Cloud System. It is also possible to program daily self switch on and off with a considerable energy saving.

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