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DOMIX 45 & 45A

Our Best-Selling Water Meter

The Domix 45 and 45a water meters are a complete option, built to last.  Stainless steel structure, 80 programmable recipes, by-pass outlet and excellent precision to always assure the same quality levels throughout the dosing and mixing phase: the 45 series is a real standard on the market.

Considering which water meter is right for you?

Main Benefits of Domix 45 over the Domix 35

  • An additional outlet for a bypass line (to discard water outside of the desired temperature range). The Domix 35 has only one outlet used for both dosing and disposing
  • 80 Programmable recipes (Domix 35 only remembers the last recipe used)
  • Digital membrane keyboard to quickly set dosage and temperature parameters
  • 45A comes with automatic opening of bypass line

Domix 45a

A complete option, built to last

Easy to Use

Comes with a keyboard to easily set and recall the recipes in memory and 3 digital displays to read the water quantity, the set temperature and the temperature read by the high-precision external probe

Excellent Precision

Max tolerances of ±1% in dosing and ±1°C in temperature

Built for your Work Flow

Save staff time by storing up to 80 recipes or using a numbered keypad to manually set dosing requirements

Additional By-Pass Line

Comes with a seperate by-pass outlet for discarding water not at the right temperature

Features Included

  • Stainless steel structure
  • 115V single phase power
  • Installation kit with 2.5m (>8foot) delivery hose
  • Remote pump command for optional integration with STM Water Chiller
  • Remote management (start/stop) and RS 485 serial interface

Optional Customizations

  • External 3-way kit (add an input line from a water chiller)
  • 45A comes with automatic opening of bypass line

domix 45 vs 45a


A Tutorial on How to Use the Domix 45A

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