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EGR-2B EVO Automatic Group for Rolled Bread

The PM group is a multi-purpose workstation planned to combine the functions of three different machines in one compact and versatile unit: “”ciabatta”” divider, rolled bread group, long moulder.
The new conception divider head, the two highly tested moulders and the long moulding device offer the possibility to process the typical slack dough of “zoccoletti”, “ciabatte”, “francesine”, etc. besides the traditional shapes of rolled bread and rolled loaves.
The feeding belt lowered to a height of 1405 mm. to ease dough loading and the powered conveyor belt for dough portion collection at the exit of the secondo moulder improve the comfortable and ergonomic use of the group.


Esmach EGR-2B EVO

The PM group is a multi-purpose work station planned to combine the functions of three different machines in one compact and versatile unit


Steel structure mounted on wheels.


• 24V low voltage electric control panel.


• Outer casing painted with dual cycle anti-corrosion treatment using epoxy powders (food contact).


• The automatic feeding belt h. mm. 1405 features a system controlled by an electromagnetic detector apt at

• Features self-adjusting the dough input to the divider to prevent clogging.

• The dividing and rolling heads are planned and manufactured to divide both slack and dry dough: the rolling system is formed by a central grooved roller and five rolling cylinders made of stainless steel. It is adjustable on three positions and allows obtaining a dough sheet having a variable thickness, according to the consistence and softness of the dough. The possibility to change the portion thickness, besides their length, increases the range of shapes to produce.
• Teflon-coated stainless steel blades are easy to change, to work one, two or three ways (this last one only for cutting) and to guarantee a perfect cut and dough division.
• Stainless steel flour sifters equipped with two independent small tanks at adjustable dosage till exclusion. One is placed in the rolling area while the other is placed in the cutting area, in order to ease slack dough processing during the most delicate phases.
• Two counter-moving conveyor belts inside the head.  Thanks to a practical selector, it is possible to take off portions after dividing or going on with the following moulding and long moulding. The collecting and exit belt is placed on the head back. It can be lifted and overturned when it is not used, to maintain the characteristics of extreme compactness which inspired the design of the PM group.

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