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Esmach FE Bread Long Loaf Moulder

Soft Dough Becoming Amazing Loaf

Bread moulder, great for processing soft dough and dough that needs to be strengthened during the process.

The outer construction is made from stainless steel, with anticorrosive treatment and food-safe paint. The moulder is on castors with breaks.

This moulder has a loading conveyor belt for easy coupling with Esmach Automatic Divider SP1D/E.

Long moulding takes place in two phases. The first one is through the pressing device, which reinforces and starts the moulding process. Then pressing the device completes the moulding process. You can choose the shape of the resulting loaf. Dough laminating through two cylinders with adjustable openings.

The machine is also equipped with a pre-winding device to prepare the dough portions for long moulding.

Esmach FE

A compact moulding solution for soft dough

Flour Duster

Allows you to adjust the flour dosing

Soft Dough

The moulder is great for soft dough, because it hardening the dough during the process

Proper Prep

Winding device preparing the dough for long mouldin

Ultimate Performance

Each piece minimum weight can be 200g up to 2000g with length of 450mm

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