Esmach Reach-in BFA Climother Retarder Proofer

Ideal for Sourdough Bakery & Pizza

Are you seeking the flexibility to bake sourdough at any time of the day but getting bogged down in the time-consuming process? Not a problem anymore.

The Esmach BFA Climother Cabinet Retarder Proofer is part of the complete sourdough bakery production system, Esmach Lab, designed to simplify your production of high-quality sourdough products.

The Climother System works with the Italian bakery manufacturer Esmach and its dough products. It was developed by specialized bakery and equipment engineers in Italy to guarantee the finest sourdough products. This BFA Climother is ideal for small artisan producers and will keep proofed sourdough ready and fresh for up to 12 hours a day: no skin, no residue, ready to grab and bake or shape at any time.  This retarder proofer is also specially engineered to speed up the activation of liquid yeast from their mixer accessory sourdough liquid yeast machine. This is what makes this retarder proofer incomparable to other cabinet retarder proofers in the market.

The construction is made of stainless steel and has a touchscreen to operate it. The overall design is a compact, ergonomic shape with round corners, making cleaning easy. The door is easy to open and close and seals with a magnetic gasket, which provides 100% thermal sealing. Adjustable tray slide placement is a nice plus.

This machine meets HACCP requirements.

Please note: The brochure linked below references Europen-sized models. EM Bakery Equipment orders models of this unit specially designed for North American baking trays.

All the benefits from Italian engineering come your way

Achieve Ultimate Flavor

The boiler and extra steamer system allows you to proof the dough at temperatures as low as 6°C (43°F) and attain a proper slow fermentation

Work with Liquid Yeast

You can start the proofing cycle with a warm temperature to boost liquid yeast activity, then automatically go into a cold cycle to rest the dough before proofing later on

Achieve Precise Control

Each program can be customized for 20 different steps, allowing you to control unique time, temperature, and humidity constraints for each step

More Flexibility for Your Production

Bake dough for up to 12 hours after proofing! Innovative patents and systems allow you to proof at a lower temperature so the dough lasts longer without skin hardening

Type: Reach-in retarder proofer, cabinet retarder proofer, bakery retarder proofer

Electrical: 3-phase 230 V (compatible with 220 V and 208 V)

Proofing temperature range: 6°C (26.6°F)- +35°C (95°F)

Humidity range: 65%- 95%

Cooling temperature range: -3°C (26.6°F)- +35°C (95°F)

Capacity: 20 baking trays

Control panel: Touchscreen

Shipping weight: 226 kg (500 lb)

Maintenance: Low maintenance, designed for easy cleaning



Troubleshooting? Want to learn more?

Take a look at our easy tutorial video, How to Operate the Esmach Climother.

* The video is in Italian, but don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles by selecting the Subtitles button button

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