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Panem Half-doors DEEP-FREEZERS preservers

Mastered Cooling Solutions for Your Kitchen

Panem DEEP-FREZEERS preservers, created with detail on no-drying freeze.

Its unique features help to keep the air inside steady. ABS-thermo-shaped door, airtight panel junction, walls 9cm thick and forced sealing ensured absolute temperature loss and no air movement inside the freezer.

Inner stainless steel construction and inner pre-enamelled exterior are easy to clean and maintain.

Half-doors DEEP-FREEZERS – preservers- 400 x 600 and 600 x 800 ranges

Electrical Opening

Easy to open, even with full hands

Zero Heat Loss

Reinforced insulation and sealing ensure keeping the desired temperature

Quick to Clean

Easy to maintain and keep clean thanks to stainless steel interior and pre enamelled exterior

Non-drying Cold

Your products will never be dried out because inside this DEEP-FREEZER preserver is a non-drying cold

Customizable features:

  • Can be made entirely from stainless steel

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