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Trima Compact Bun Production System (2 lines)

Compact Intermediate Proofer & Moulder for Bun Line Production

This intermediate proofer & moulder is designed to automatically receive dough from a Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder: K2 and add a 3 to 6 minute resting period before final sheeting/molding/stamping. The Trima K2 automatically feeds 2 lines of rounded and divided dough into this proofer, which after resting, can be rolled and/or folded and/or stamped. Works well in tandem with other production machines.

Enables a high production capacity (3,000 pieces per hour) for its relatively small footprint and can be easily operated by one individual.

Achieve hand-like quality long rolled products (ex: hot dog), folded products (Ex: baguettes), flattened products (ex: hamburger) or stamped products (ex: kaiser) .

High-quality stainless steel designed for quick cleaning and long-lasting operation.

Trima Compact Bun Production g2-6

A compact intermediate proofer for factory bun line production

Simple to Use & Compact

3,000 piece max production with one operator

Lots of Automation Capabilities

Combine with a divider rounder, stamping machine, or more

Designed for Quick & Hygenic Cleaning

Hand-made Quality

Engineered to be gentle

Included Features

  • Maximum output of 3,000 pieces. 2 row operation
  • Max weight of dough pieces: 90 or 110 grams
  • UV lamp to sterilize empty proofing swings
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Equipment on wheels for easy movement

Customized Production for your Products


k2 product possibilities

Optional Features

  • Special max weight option of 150 grams
  • 3 or 6 minute rest time depending on model
  • collecting tray or single row discharge belt for manual removal
  • Adjustable calibrating rollers to produce flattened buns (ex: Hamburger)
  • Adjustable pressure board to produce long rolled bread (ex: Hot Dog)
  • stamping revolver swivelling unit with interchangable stamping tools (ex: Kaiser)
  • collecting tray or single row discharge
  • Option to add a hole pricker

Trima Automation Line Proofer: G26


Available in multiple models, and designed to work with other machines in an automation line. (ex: stamping).  For a full list of automation line customizations, contact EM Bakery directly.

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