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Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo

The Ultimate Modular Design

The Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo is a high-quality oven cutsomizable to fit nearly anyone’s baking needs. Great for pastry, danishes, crusty breads, and other baked goods.

The oven’s baking quality is comparable to that of a traditional masonry oven with dual Top & Bottom heat regulation. Each deck can be independently controlled and has a refractory concrete hearth plate that is 20 mm thick.

Great as a primary production oven, or great as a back-up oven capable of competing with any large deck oven in terms of baking quality. If you’re looking for an oven dedicated more to pastry or pizza, be sure to check out Bongard’s Soleo EVO model.

These ovens are custom ordered by EM baker Equipment to meet power and certification requirements in Canada & USA. Give us a call today to help figure out which model might best suit your needs.

Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo

Customizable to Your Needs

Find a model that fits your space and production requirements that can bake everything you need

A Base that’s Right for You

Order it with a stand, a manual S/S proofbox, or BFA retarder-proofer (model dependant). All come with wheels for easy movement

Independent Steam

Each deck can come with its own independent steam generator

French Quality for Aristan Bakers

A modular oven built from nearly 100 years of Bongard bakery manufacturing experience

Truly Customizable to Your Needs

  • # of independent baking decks
  • Deck width that can accommodate 2, 4, or 6 strays per deck
  • Decks with or without steam
  • Oven comes on a stand with wheels, a manual S/S proofbox, or BFA retarder-proofer (model dependant)
  • Chose from multiple loader options
  • Different hood / exhaust fan options

• Baking area : from 0,5 to 6,8 m² (depending on model)
• Useful baking chamber height on each deck : 180 or 240 mm
• Number of decks : From 1 to 4

Additional Specifications
• Oven’s front is made of polished stainless steel
• Tempered glass to reduce heat losses
• Halogen lightning
• Performant insulation by crossed rock wool panels
• Heating elements are made of stainless steel and guaranteed for 3 years
• Comes with delayed start-up



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