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LARGE Esmach Self-Tipping Spiral Mixer: 250kg to 300kg

For Serious Production

The large Esmach Self-Tipping mixers consist of a Spiral Mixer permanently coupled with a hydraulic lifter. They are designed to lift up and rotate the entire machine to tip the dough onto a worktable or special volumetric divider hopper. Self-tipping mixers empty the contents of the bowl all at once, eliminating downtime and ensuring the mixer is immediately available for another batch.

These come with all the features of functionality of the Esmach Spiral Mixer line, built upon decades of Canadian & Italian engineering, manufacturing, and baking experience poured into one machine.

Self-tipping system is designed so that even within narrow spaces, the kneaded dough to be moved to the next working process without any human physical effort.

Available in 250KG and 300KG max bowl sizes

Large Esmach Self-Tipping Spiral Mixer

Maximum Productivity

Manual removal of dough is limited by the speed of a baker. Self-Tipping mixers remove the dough all at once and ensure machine is immediately ready for the next batch

Designed for Safety

Mixer can only be tipped by simultaneously pressing 2 buttons, guaranteeing the safety of the operator

Customized to your Production Facility

Create up to 9 programs to automate your recipes. Control bowl rotation, jog, mixer speed, and timers.

Reliability & Longevity

Built from decades of Italian engineering, manufacturing, and baking experience

Additional features
• Shockproof thermoformed ABS head cover
• Manual or automatic selection and monitoring of working cycle through a membrane keyboard panel
• High-resistant stainless steel bowl, spiral arm and dividing blade
• Transparent plastic bowl lid suitable for food contact in compliance with the strictest hygienic and safety regulations. Electric panel housed in an IP55 protection box
• Rigid and torsional stress-resistant single-body structure and outer paneling coated with epoxy powder
• Designed for easy access to facilitate inspection and routine maintenance
• Column positioned upwards or downwards on the right or the left-hand side, depending on the tipping requirements
• These mixers are designed to tip either on the right or the left-hand side, depending on the model you order.

Esmach Tipping Mixer Graphic

Optional Customizations

Clear Lid Cover: top cover  “LID” closed and transparent while lower cover “GRID” is in stainless steel.  After the first two minutes of kneading, the upper LID can be opened
Temperature sensor (infrared) with relevant screen display and option to stop the working process

Special Customizations Upon Request
Customized customizations are available upon request and as per customers’ specifications. For example: for tipping heights over 1800 mm up to 3100 mm and/or versions with automatic tipping and a whole protection case (industrial version).


Large Esmach Self-Tipping Spiral Mixer Control BoardThe control panel

Commands for the Mixer and Tipper. Self-Tipping commands include:

– buttons for up-down movements

– Button for bowl rotation, after tipping, to facilitate detachment of the dough


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