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Bongard Roll-In Rack Retarder Proofer
Bongard Roll-In Rack Proofer / Retarder Proofer
A highly customizable and high quality roll-in rack retarder proofer. One machine to refrigerate or proof your dough.
Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo EVO
Bongard Deck Oven: SOLEO EVO
All-in-one deck oven for bakers. Decks for bread, pastries, or pizza.
Our vision is to improve the taste of the bread and to help the artisan bakers to demonstrate their talents.
ECP Intermediate Proofer
The ECP proofer is generally use in automatic bread-making lines and is used for proving portions of dough following the dividing and rounding
FE Long Moulder
The FE long moulder is suitable to work slack dough such as Tuscan type and all types of dough that need to be strengthened during the Moulding process.
Bongard Reach-In Retarder Proofer: HERA
Bongard Reach-in Retarder Proofer: HERA
The Bongard HERA Reach-in Retarder proofer is the ultimate rollable proofing cabinet. Touch screen and proofing as low as 6C (42.8F)

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