Duo front load slicer from Oliver
Oliver Front Load Duo-Slicer 758
Two is more than one! Choose from two slices thicnkess option and slice two loaves at the same time
Bread slicer Oliver 777-N
Oliver Slicer Model 777-N
Compact and sturdy slicer, with same-size cut thicknes It safely slice on demand and has big crumb bin
Oliver gravity bread slicer 797
Oliver Gravity Bread Slicer 797
Awesome options for multiple bread loaves slicing. Optimal for small wholesale, large or in-store bakeries
Oliver Front Load Duo Slicer
Oliver Front Load Mini Slicer 709
Perfect front load slicer for slicing of hard-crusted breads with soft-textured sandwich loaves
Oliver Mini Vert Bagger
Slicer Accessory Oliver Mini Vert Airbagger
Vertical machine for easy bag opening and loading bread and buns into bags. Simple to use, and it is an absolute game changer

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