Tekno Stamap Pastry Tables T Series
Exceptional machine for any baker of any size, to get maximum efficiency of pastry production
Tekno Stamap Bowl Lifter
Bowl lifter designed for all-size bakeries, equipped with an emergency device to emphasize the safety
Tekno Stamap Automatic Croissant Machine Croymat
Highly customizable, automated croissant machine, able to make up to 12 000 pieces per hour, ranging from 25 to 150 grams
Tekno Stamap Industrial Pastry Make Up Line
Tekno Stamap Make Up Line is fully automated to line for large quantities of filled croissants and filled pastries
Tekno Stamap Manual Reversible Sheeter Lam2
A manual, reversible, and variable speed pastry sheeter. Flexible, easy to clean, and ideal for artisans
Tekno Stamap Automatic Reversible Sheeter Smart
The variable speed of the belts and quick programming make it a highly productive and easy-to-use sheeter
Tekno Stamap Floor Planetary Mixer-TK line 40L to 200L
This heavy-duty, planetary mixer guarantees precision, durability, and consistent performance, enhancing efficiency in any bakery
Tekno Stamap Diving Arm Mixer
Designed the best French pastry just in the blink of an eye with this awesome diving arm mixer. Great asset for any artisan baker
Tekno Stamap Tabletop Planetary Mixer 10L and 20L
Great economy choice for home bakers or as an add-on for any baker. High production efficiency in a small space

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