Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished Henny Penny Proofer

Like Brand New – Henny Penny 5 Tray Heating Holdin Cabinet

Henny Penny Heating Cabinet. Model HC-903. Never used and was in storage. Fully insulated heating cabinet, which holds the desired temperature for hours.

Holds five trays. 24.75 inches wide and 37.50 inches high with casters.

It's equipped with a special drawer- to create a humid environment.

120V single phase. 13.2 amps

Refurbished Hobart Legacy Bowl 80 Qt

Hobart Legacy Bowl 80Qt

Hobart HL 80 MN 1226 - Brand new Hobart mixing bowl. Legacy Line. 80 quarts. Stainless steel.

ON SALE: 50% off the list price

Refurbished Esmach Baguette Molder

Esmach Long Loaf (Baguette) Moulder

Designed to produce artisan long loaf French bread like baguettes, petit-pains, Parisienne, and more. Specially designed to be able to handle loaves with high hydration that require very careful processing.

Comes on a stand to easily move it aside when done moulding.

Manually load the pre-cut dough pieces into the machine, which will laminate and roll the dough. 80 - 1000 grams capacity. Max output of ~1500 per hour. More about this machine here.

Refurbished Bassanina Double Rack Oven

Bassanina Double Rack Oven: Roller 89

Ideal production oven. Fits one double rack or two single racks. Steam. Programs. Designed to work with 24/7 production.

Comes with a new heat exchanger installed.

Italian Manufacturing and Engineering at its best. Read more about these ovens.


Thunderbird TB500 Sheeter

Thunderbird TB500 Sheeter

Manual reversible sheeter. Refurbished

3 phase 220V

Refurbished Trima Bun Divider Rounder

Trima Bun Divider Rounder

Ideal artisan-level automatic production. Place dough in a hopper, it will automatically divide and round it. 2100 - 3800 pieces per hour, depending on the rounding time selected. 40 - 100 gram weight range. Produced two lines on a conveyor.

Multiple models and conditions are available. German engineering and manufacturing. Read more about these machines.

Konig Rex Bun Divider Rounder

Konig Rex Bun Divider Rounder

Excellent production line equipment. Four or 5-row production with 6000 to 7500 buns per hour. 35-85gram weight range.

Multiple Models and conditions are available. Tested, Tuned up, & Running.

This model has a white coating, and an all-stainless steel model is also available.

Refurbished Univex Planetary Mixer

Univex 30 Quart Planetary Mixer

Refurbished. 115v single phase power. Four speeds. Dial timer.

Refurbished Erika Record Bun Divider Rounder

Erika Record Bun Divider Rounder: 11/30A

Fully Refurbished. 36 divisions. Accommodates up to about a 4 ounce bun. Spread dough on moulding plate. Automatically Press / Cut and engage rounding, or use it in manual mode

emspi compact mixer

Esmach Compact Spiral Mixer: SPI Smart

Extremely compact and designed to minimize flour getting into the air. Perfect for managing all types of dough, from the least to the most hydrated, in small areas. Can be placed under a workbench or moved quickly for ease of cleaning. Brakes keep it securely in place during use.

Very lightly used. Like Brand New. 45kg dougy capacity

Learn more about these mixers here

Yeast machine sold

Esmach Yeast Fermenter: GL Mini

Allows you to maintain constant liquid yeast for sourdough pizza production. 10L Capacity. Helps you deliver consistent flavour and quality. A 100% biological process for yeast that is always ready for your baking products. Can sit on a countertop or stand

Very light used. Like Brand new

Refurbished Esmach Electric Dome Pizza Oven

Esmach Electric Dome Pizza Oven: Bakestone

Temperate is programable for top and bottom heat with 500C capacity. Programmable start-up. No gas required, no venting required. Ideal for pizzas, Neapolitan pizza, and various breads.

Very Lightly Used - almost brand new

Bassanina FEP

Bassanina Electric Deck Oven: FEP (with Integrated Loader)

As Close to Gas as Electric Can Get. Independent baking decks with steam. Two doors, four decks. 5.8 square meters baking area (62.4 square feet). Like Brand New. Comes with an integrated loader. Model: FEP 42.12

Read more about these ovens.

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