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Established in 1982, EM Bakery Equipment B.C. Ltd. has been serving bakers in Canada and the USA for 40 years. A family directed organization with extensive experience in supplying a wide range of high quality baking equipment products. EM serves a variety of applications including product sales and machine servicing of artisan bakeries, factory producers, institutional organizations, and supermarket chains.

Our baking equipment selection represents quality machinery produced by quality manufacturers with decades of combined experience in the baking industry. This coupled with our own market experience provides our clients with modern dependable machinery backed by solid and productive organizational support.

We Specialize in High Quality Baking Equipment Products

Supporting North America with reputable quality baking equipment. Our supply is large, including deck ovens, rack ovens, pizza ovens, spiral mixers, planetary mixers, laminating lines, retarder proofers, hydraulic dividers, and production equipment. Featuring quality brands such as Bassanina, Esmach, Cuppone, Vitella, Trima, Teknostamap, STM, Belshaw Adamatic, Panem, Bongard and many more. Let us be your expert guides in equipping your production needs.

EM Bakery Equipment (EM) is a second generation family business with growth across North American. EM is committed to investing in quality European equipment for over 40 years, their superior craftsmanship and in depth product knowledge is world renowned. We support Craft Bakeries, factories/wholesalers, multi-national grocery chains and vocational institutions. 

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