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For more than 40 years, EM Bakery Equipment has been sourcing and servicing high-quality European ovens. We've created a product line curated to offer you the best of the best. There's an oven for everyone.

Ovens are the cornerstone of a great bakery. Your new oven journey begins here.

Let's Find the Oven that Best Suits You

Great for baguettes, cookies, bagels, croissants, muffins, buns, sandwich loaves, pies, and other loaves.

Rack ovens are designed to accommodate an entire baking rack, either a

single-rack or a double-rack. Each rack can hold multiple bun pans. The racks are rolled into the oven and then secured.

All rack ovens we supply come with excellent steam control and programmable recipes. They bake very similar to a traditional convection oven and come with fan-assisted air movement. They can be ordered for electric or gas utilities.

These ovens can be designed with a lift or turntable system.

You need a deck oven to produce artisanal style bread with a great oven springs. Deck ovens are versatile and can bake multiple products, including pastries and cakes.

Deck ovens come with a masonry bottom on each deck. Bread or products on a bun pan are then placed directly on the masonry stones.

All deck ovens we supply can have independent steam control, and many work with a loader. They come in multiple sizes: some are modular, some are pre-assembled, and some can be built on-site.

Deck ovens come in many varieties. To learn more about which deck oven is right for you, have a quick read of our handy guide to our deck ovens.

Great for all types of baked goods, including cakes and items that need very gentle baking.

Convection ovens utilize fans to circulate air inside the oven, creating a more steady and even bake. All the convection ovens we stock come with steam capabilities.

Convection ovens come in all sizes, and some can be stacked on top of each other. Some models can even be customized to include a proofer, storage tray slides, and/or its own condensing hood or extraction canopy fan.

Pizza ovens are specially optimized for pizza. They reach higher temperatures than traditional baking ovens and usually do not come with any steam.

All our pizza ovens come with masonry bottoms.

These ovens are traditionally used with a hand peel or an oven peel to load and remove pizza.

Bakery Ovens FAQ

What is the difference between a rack oven and a deck oven?

Put simply, you push a rack that holds multiple baking trays into a rack oven, whereas you place bread or individual baking trays onto a flat deck in a deck oven.

A rack oven is a specialized convection oven that rotates to achieve a very even and balanced bake on all shelves. Racks can be designed to hold different amounts of trays to accommodate taller or shorter products, so you can better maximize your production. Typically, a rack oven is paired with a roll-in rack proofer or retarder proofer, so you can easily roll a rack out of the proofer and straight into the oven. Great for all products other than artisan or sourdough loaves.

A deck oven is necessary to bake sourdough or artisan bread. They are also great for baking all sorts of products, including pastries and cakes and pies. A deck oven has multiple decks and a stone hearth to radiate heat into products. Gas deck ovens are for mass production and are often paired with an integrated loader, whereas electric deck ovens allow you to bake different products in different decks at the same time, and they give you more control over temperature.

Bassanina Double Rack Oven - Roller 89 Cyclope
Bassanina Steam Pipes Deck Oven: Zoom

What is the difference between a bakery oven and a pizza oven?

The main difference between a pizza oven and a bakery oven is that pizza ovens are designed to reach higher temperatures. A bakery deck oven is optimized for bread, and typically will only have a maximum temperature of about 300°C (572°F), while some pizza ovens will reach over 500°C (932°F)

There are other differences as well. Some of those differences include:

·        Steam: Bread ovens utilize steam injection systems to help achieve that deep artisanal crust, a feature not needed for pizza.

·        Configuration: Bakery deck oven will also be deeper, designed to work with a loader for quick loading and unloading of bread, while a pizza oven will often be shallower to allow for easy access to pizza.

·        Baking Surface: Napoletana pizza ovens have baking surfaces optimized to not burn or blacken the pizza crust

·        Doors: Bakery deck ovens have doors optimized for a loader, and open inwards and upwards. Most pizza deck ovens have a door that opens outwards and downwards.

·        Chamber Height: Each deck in a bread deck oven is often much higher than what you need for pizza. Accordingly pizza deck ovens have shorter decks optimized for space and cost savings when only baking pizza.

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