Refurbished Equipment

Economy bread slicer

EM Economy Bread Slicer

Reliable, high-quality bread slicer. A great choice for all types of soft-crust breads. Including the last load pusher and bread bagger.

4 row bun divider rounder Koenig

Koenig Rex Bun Divider Rounder 4 row

Excellent production line equipment. Four or 5-row production with 6000 to 7500 buns per hour. 35-85gram weight range.

Multiple Models and conditions are available. Tested, Tuned up, & Running.

This model is stainless steel, and we also carry ones with white coating.

Volumetric divider Esmach

Esmach Volumetric Automatic Divider SP

Super productive volumetric divider rounder from Esmach.

So if you are looking for a reliable machine, this is it! A great partner for high-volume production.

3600 products per hour,  sturdy and durable construction.

Trima bun machine

Trima Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

Trim automatic bun divider rounder automatically cuts/divides dough from a hopper, rounds it, and then deposits it in two rows on a conveyor. Hand-made quality. Up to 3,200 pieces per hour with one operator. Stainless steel & easy to clean. On wheels to easily move out of high-traffic areas. Designed to handle a variety of dough. Buns, donuts, rolls, and more. Stepless settings.


Big capacity spiral mixer

Esmach Spiral Mixer 160 kg (350 lb)

Part of our best-selling and exclusive spiral mixer line. Versatile, reliable, and extremely easy for staff to use. Creates even, soft, and distinguished dough. Minimal heat transfer for live yeast dough. Wheels & adjustable levelling pads (super handy for moving it). Can work at 10% (16kg/35lb) capacity. Affordable Italian quality.


This spiral mixer was successfully working in a wholesale bakery for some time, but the difference between brand new and this one is negligible.

Sturdy construction, working on 3-phase 208 V.


Refurbished rotary oven

Refurbished Bassanina Double Rack Oven Roller89 Cyclope

Double rack oven from Bassanina, one of the best-sellers from the EM catalogue.

This oven is designed for continuous baking through the years and to deliver consistent and highly accurate convection heat to your products as the rack rotates in the oven.

This oven can produce everything you can think of, thanks to stable and uniform baking in combination with optional steam dosing.

Get to know the Bassanina Double Rack Oven Roller89 Cyclope.

Meat knife from hobart

Hobart Meat Slicer Blade PK 1612, 1712, 1812, 1912

Hobart meat slicer blade made from the highest quality stainless steel

Never used. In the original packaging

Works with slicer models:

PK 1612, 1712, 1812, 1912


Refurbished Rack

Rack Oven Rack

Used rack for rack ovens.


Bread trays

Bread Baking Trays

Used bread baking trays. 5-in-1 version.

Refurbished Esmach Spiral Mixer ISE

Esmach Spiral Mixer ISE

Built back in the days, but still going strong and can easily beat his "younger" self. Solid cast iron body.

Capacity 130-160kg.

3-phase 208V

Planetary mixer with 30 quart bowl

Hobart Planetary Mixer 30 quart

Refurbished Hobart Planetary Mixer.

3-phase 220V

Refurbished divider rounder

Erika Record Full Divider Rounder

Complete automation of dough processing - dividing, pressing and rounding.

Minimal maintenance.

Teflon-coated knives, thermoplastic head.

6,500-10,800 pieces per hour

3-phase 220V


Merand Diva Divider

Hydraulic square divider

Robust construction, made from stainless steel, aluminum, and food-safe plastic.

Easy maintenance, safety features: machine switch off when the door opens, state key for opening.

Capacity: min 3 kg of dough, max 20 kg of dough.

Very lightly used. Like Brand New.

Refurbished Oliver Variable Slicer

Oliver Variable Slicer 2005

This Oliver Slicer Model 2005 offers you and your customer a choice of slice thickness.

Designed for easy maintenance and long working life. Made from stainless steel and food-approved plastic parts.

The cutting blade is made of stainless steel as well.

Electrical- 1-phase 115V.

Very lightly used. Like Brand New.

Henny penny chicken oven

Like Brand New – Henny Penny 5 Tray Heating Holdin Cabinet

Henny Penny Heating Cabinet. Model HC-903. Never used and was in storage. Fully insulated heating cabinet, which holds the desired temperature for hours.

Holds five trays. 24.75 inches wide and 37.50 inches high with casters.

It's equipped with a special drawer- to create a humid environment.

120V single phase. 13.2 amps

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