Interested in Financing your Equipment Purchase?

Equipment financing can both be a smart and convenient solution for expanding a bakery's operations or for starting a new bakery business.

From tax benefits and better cash flow management, to a quick and efficient application processes, leasing or renting your bakery equipment might be worth considering.

A well-equipped bakery is more than just a space. It's the place where sweet and savory baking visions come to life! It's a place where everything works like a charm: mixers are humming and staff are creating unique batches of dough and each bake is better than the one before!

Great bakery equipment produces great bread. Equipment financing can help ensure the long term viability of your bakery without compromising on quality.

Perhaps you have an equipment financing company you work with, or you'd like to speak with us about your options, be sure to contact one of our sales representatives.

How to finance bakery equipment

Quick Approval and Streamlined Applications

Tax Deduction Benefits

Flexible Payment for your Business Situation

Higher Approval Rates. Options for Startups

Better Cash Flow Management

Amounts between $2,000 and $2,000,000

For Pre-Approved Lease Financing (Canada)

For pre-approved rental financing (Canada)

To discuss or find out more (Canada & USA)

Example Financing Costs

*Example financing costs provided by Econolease for Canadian bakeries only. Actual lending ratesor payments will vary depending on your provider and personal or business circumstances. For USA lending options, please get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between renting and leasing?

In short, rental financing in more flexible and allows you to pivot your business, whereas lease financing is your more traditional route which typically offers lower weekly/monthly payments stretched over a longer period of time.


With rental financing, you will not own the equipment. The agreement is generally designed around flexibility, security and giving a business owner option’s. You may be able to buy out of the equipment at any time (and receive a rebate), continue to rent, upgrade the equipment, or return the equipment at a minimum term of 52 weeks. (All of this can vary depending on your rental agreement).


With lease financing, you will also likely not own the equipment, however, many leasing agreements are designed around serviceability to minimize the amount you have to pay at the end of your lease agreement in order to buy the equipment.


It is very important to read your leasing (or rental) agreement carefully and speak with the appropriate parties around which route would best benefit your business

Does EM Bakery Equipment provide financing?

EM Bakery Equipment works with many third party equipment financing companies. If you have someone you are already working with, or if you would like us to provide some referrals, please get in touch.

Are there Tax Advantages to lease or rental financing for my equipment?

In short, yes, when you rent or lease equipment, some or all of the regular payments you make can often be deducted from your company's annual income tax.

Depending on the situation, a rental agreement can be 100% tax deductible, whereas, with a lease, the interest portion of your lease to own agreement is a tax deductible expense, while the depreciation follows normal tax guidelines.

For a more in depth and concrete understanding, we are not tax experts, and as such would advise you to speak directly with a professional accountant.

Can I finance refurbished or used bakery equipment?

Yes, it is possible to secure financing for used bakery equipment. Many of the financing companies we work with have experience doing this, however, not all equipment finance companies are willing to finance used machinery.

Can I add more equipment onto my lease or rental agreement?

Typically, the answer is no. Once you have a signed rental or lease agreement, you often have to create a new rental or lease agreement to add equipment. However, this can vary. To be sure, contact your equipment finance company.

How long does it take to get approved?

With our pre-approved equipment financing companies, and for amounts under 50,000 CAD, you can get pre-approved in under 48 hours. For larger or more nuanced financing needs, the approval process can still be rather quick.

Please note, every financing company and situation is different. Actual time needed for approval will vary. Please get in touch if you'd like to speak to us about financing options for your equipment.

Will an equipment lease or equipment rental cover transport and installation?

It depends. Some equipment financing companies cover "soft costs" like freight, building improvements, installation, etc, some cover soft costs up to a limit, and others will refused to add soft costs to the equipment lease or rental. To be sure, please speak directly to your equipment financing company.

What is the difference between financing a start-up bakery vs. an existing one?

Typically it is harder to secure equipment financing for a start-up bakery over a bakery with many years of operating history. However, because equipment finance companies rely on the security and resale value of your equipment, it is still very possible for a new bakery to finance bakery equipment with a lease or a rental agreement.

If you are a new bakery and looking to consider an equipment leasing or rental agreement, please be sure to get in touch with us, as our pre-approved list of equipment financing companies have broad and varied experience working with new bakeries.

Can you help me to find the best equipment lease or equipment rental?

Of course! Be sure to get in touch, and we'll do our best to connect you with an equipment financing option for you.

How long is an equipment lease typically for?

In our experience, most equipment financing companies will agree to a 2 to 5 year equipment rental agreement. However, this can vary drastically depending on the lender you approach.

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