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No matter how far you are on the floury way, just hoping in or already seasoned professional, we understand that relatable equipment is the cornerstone of success.

The baking industry can be tough on your time and wallet Financing new equipment is challenging and stressful, and not everybody can pay up-front to make the business run smoothly. But this fact shouldn’t hold your dreams back.

We understand that a well-equipped bakery is more than just a space. It’s the place where sweet and savoury baking visions come to life! Imagine a space where everything works like a charm, mixers humming and creating batches of dough and each bake is better than the one before.

So let us help you to avoid all the paperwork. Instead, you can focus on perfecting recipes and innovating. And our financing partners will do the dirty work. That’s why we like to introduce you to some options to finance your equipment, find solutions for your every need, and ensure your bakery will rise!

Money stress

Your lease payments are deductibale on taxes

You can loan any amount between $1000- $2 millions +

The lease will be customized to suit your credit situation

After submiting your application, things will start moving quickly

After submiting your application

The payback can range between 12 to 60 months

Help you find solutions for existing bakery as well as for the ones just starting

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$ 10, 000
$ 15,000
$ 25,000
$ 50,000
$ 100,000
24 months

$ 512/ month

$ 763/ month

$ 1,266/ month

$ 2,502/ month

$ 4,953/ month

36 months

$ 363/ month

$ 541/ month

$ 897/ month

$ 1,765/ month

$ 3,479/ month

48 months

$ 289/ month

$ 431/ month

$ 714/ month

$ 1,400/ month

$ 2,747/ month

60 months

$ 245/ month

$ 365/ month

$ 606/ month

$ 1,182/ month

$ 2,310/ month

(Payments listed in this chart are only orientation and listed in CAD. This chart was created at 08/2023 and are up to this date.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between renting and leasing?

The main difference between renting and leasing is the end of the term. By the end of renting, you won’t own the equipment, and you can return it, purchase or continue leasing. Also, the payments are weekly and compared to leasing.

On the other hand, leasing is longer term than renting. The payments are monthly, and most importantly, you will own the equipment at the end of time.

Is the financing powered directly by EM Bakery Equipment?

No, we are just recommending the companies we have the best experinces with. And you will have too.

Can I finance refurbished equipment?

Yes, the lease can be used for refurbished and used equipment

Can I add more equipment onto my lease?

How long does it take to get approved?

After the leasing company get your request, they will get in touch with you shortly.

Will the loan cover transport and installation?

What is the difference between financing a start-up bakery and an existing one?

Can you help me to find the best lease?

Create cheatsheet and link to it??

How my payment options will look like?

The payments will be affected by few factors. Like your credit score status, the amount and length of the lease, the values of the equipment

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