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We stock and can source a wide-variety of equipment to activate and ferment the yeast in your products. Whether you’re looking for a retarder proofer, a straight proofer, or an intermediate proofer, we’ve got multiple standard build options to choose from and can work with manufacturers to create a custom build for you.

Interested in learning more about the difference between a proofer and retarder proofer? Click here.

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Bongard Reach-In Retarder Proofer: HERA
Bongard Reach-in Retarder Proofer: HERA
The Bongard HERA Reach-in Retarder proofer is the ultimate rollable proofing cabinet. Touch screen and proofing as low as 6C (42.8F)
Esmach Bakery Retarder Proofer Cabinet - Climother
Esmach BFA Climother Cabinet Retarder Proofer
This cabinet retarder proofer is specially designed by Italian engineers to save time and add flexibility for artisan sourdough production
Panem roll-in proofer single
Panem Roll-in Proofer
This rack roll-in proofer is a solid stainless machine and will become a great addition to any bakery.
Bongard Roll-In Rack Retarder Proofer
Bongard Roll-In Rack Retarder Proofer BFC
A highly customizable and high-quality roll-in rack retarder proofer. One machine to refrigerate or proof your dough.
Panem Roll-IN Rack Retarder Proofer
Panem Roll-in Retarder Proofer
Fully customizable roll-in rack retarder proofer for fresh dough. French-made, high-performance, with multiple adaptations
Panem retarder proofer for frozen dough
Panem Roll-in Retarder Proofer for Frozen Dough
Upgraded version of Panem retarder proofer with a unique feature for frozen, raw dough
Bongard Athena
Bongard Reach-in Retarder: ATHENA
The Bongard ATHENA Reach-in Retarder is the ultimate rollable retarding cabinet. Temperature range between -10°C to +10°C
Bongard rollin BFE proofer
Bongard Roll-in Proofer BFE
Roll-In final proofer for a wide variety of baking goods. Set temperature very fast and ensures humidity throughout the proofing process


Trima Intermediate Proofer Production System (4-6 lines)
TRIMA Factory Bun Production System – CombiLine (4-8 lines)
A high production bun production system for factory bun line production. For molded breads, slit breads, & more
Trima Compact Bun Production g2-6
Trima Compact Bun Production System (2 lines)
A compact bun production line. Fold, elongate, flatten, stamp, & more. Runs two simultaneous lines
Esmach intermediate proofer
ECP Intermediate Proofer
The ECP proofer is generally use in automatic bread-making lines and is used for proving portions of dough following the dividing and rounding


Panem shock freezer
Panem Reach-in Small Capacity Shock Freezer/ Blast Chiller
The perfect solution for bakeries looking to preserve the quality and freshness of their food products
Panem shock freezers /blast chillers
Panem Roll-in High Capacity Shock Freezer/ Blast Chiller
The perfect solution for bakeries looking to preserve the quality and freshness of their food products in a bigger size

Difference Between a Proofer and a Retarder Proofer

Put simply, a proofer allows you to control heat and humidity in a controlled environment, while a retarder proofer gives you the ability to also cool down the temperature.

Typically, most proofers we stock can also be supplied as a retarder proofer. Both will have a similar build, but the retarder proofer build has a refrigeration unit added to it.

Advantages of a Retarder Proofer

  • Cold-Proofing – you can proof at lower temperatures: With a proofer, the temperature inside the proofer will always be greater than the temperature in your bakery, whereas with a retarder proofer, you have the ability to lower the temperature inside the retarder proofer to temperatures below room temperature. You need a retarder proofer to achieve a long and low temp fermentation.

  • Sleep in and Save Time! Retarder proofers can be run in “refrigeration” mode only and programmed to automatically turn into a proofer overnight. This way your dough is ready to bake when your first baking shift starts in the morning. This can save significant amounts of time and cost, and help some artisan bakers attract staff who aren’t as keen to start their shift early.

  • Dual Functionality: If you add an auto-defrost onto a retarder proofer, your retarder proofer can stay at cold temperatures for longer and act as a refrigeration unit when needed.

Reach-In vs. Roll-in Rack Proofer

A Reach-In Proofer (or retarder proofer) requires you to take individual bun trays and place them on tray slides one at a time. Usually the tray slides can be adjusted to accommodate different heights. These are typically one or two door units, they are one bun tray deep, and they are often on wheels. Ideal for small spaces or product innovation lines. These come preassembled.

A Roll-In Rack Proofer (or retarder proofer) allow you to roll an entire baking rack into the chamber. This can save time, and allows you to simply move a rack from a proofer to the oven when ready to bake. These are assembled at your location and are ordered to your needs and customizations. Customizations include builds that are:

A) to accommodate single racks, double racks, or side-load single racks

B) 1 door, 2 doors, 3 doors, etc.

C) 1 rack deep, 2 racks deep, 3 racks deep, pass-thru tunnels, etc.

D) 1 chamber, 2 chambers, etc.

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