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Episode Five: Behind the Bake with Flourist’s Mantra

In the last episode, we talked with Coho Commissary and Nemesis Coffee about the pros and cons of these businesses and everyday baker's life. Driving deep into Flourist’s mantra and business practices. A strong look at grains and their new impact on craft baking. The list of all five episodes is nicely organized right here.

Episode Four: Behind the Bake with Coho Commissary and Nemesis Coffee

Our fourth episode of Behind The Bake. This time we will chat with Coho Commissary, a net of public kitchens where you can start your professional baking career! Our second guest is coming from our dear friends Nemesis Coffee. If you missed the third episode, click here.

Episode Three: Behind the Bake with Anita’s Organic Mill

Behind the Bake with Anita’s Organic Mill Strong insight into organic grains and the growth of healthy flour. Learn how they are producing the best flour and baking mixes in BC. Our previous episode, where we talk with Esmach bakers, is right here.

Episode Two: Let’s Talk Pizza

If you missed last week's live stream of Behind the Bake. You are in Luck! Our supply partner @esmach kindly save a few minutes of our episode where Mark, CEO, of EM Bakery Equipment and Chef Joe Lauriente @joeinvan walk us through how to make a delicious pizza with the Esmach Pizza Concept Line from […]

Episode One: Behind the Bake with Ed Tatton of BReD

BReD has grown from a small pre-order Facebook business selling sourdough to a popular Whistler bakery in just two short years. The owner, Ed Tatton joins us to share his unique insights into selling baked goods on Facebook, renting kitchen space to grow his business and more secrets, including: How to take the next step, […]

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