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EM Bakery Equipment is now extensively supporting the Pizza industry. A natural addition to our long-term knowledge and support of the baking industry. We also have deep experience in pizza make up equipment and ovens. Let us support your Pizza production with quality equipment and service support.


Stainless steel front –  Door with panoramic glass – Cooking chamber in aluminum-plated sheet –  Chamber lighting through halogen 12V lamp
Stainless steel front – Door with panoramic glass – Heat seal between the door and the cooking chamber – Stainless steel cooking chamber – Heat recovery system integrated in the cooking chamber
Stainless steel rounded front – Door with panoramic double glazed glass and heavy duty compression springs – Heat seal between the door and the cooking chamber
Bongard Modular Deck Oven: Soleo EVO
Bongard Deck Oven: SOLEO EVO
All-in-one deck oven for bakers. Decks for bread, pastries, or pizza.


• Heavy-duty dough sheeter • completely in stainless steel • with vanguard mechanics • mechanics completely in steel
Heavy-duty dough sheeter • completely instainless steel • with a vanguard mechanics in stainless steel with chain transmission • very quick • to obtain pizzas with diameters from 18 up to 33 cm. • can even be used as dough flattener.


Compact Esmach Spiral Mixer
Compact Esmach Spiral Mixer: 30kg and 45kg
The Esmach Smart Spiral Mixer is extremely compact and designed to minimize flour getting into the air. Perfect for managing all types of dough, from the least to the most hydrated, in small areas
Exclusive Line Esmach Spiral Mixer
EM Bakery Exclusive – Esmach Spiral Mixer: 30kg to 200kg
EM Bakery’s best-selling mixers: there’s a size for every baker. Affordable Italian luxury and quality
Esmach Spiral Mixer + Veggies/Cheese Adapter
Bring out your Inner Pizzaiolo. An EM Bakery exclusive, combining a spiral mixer with a veggie slicing adapter
Esmach Tabletop Removable Bowl Planetary Mixer
Esmach Table-top Planetary Mixer: 20L
The Esmach table-top removable bowl mixer (Model: E-PLANET) is designed for serious bakers with a small space. It can be placed on top of a work bench or on a dedicated stand.
Esmach Self-Tipping Spiral Mixers: 80kg to 200kg
EM Bakery’s best-selling mixer line combined with a self-tipping mechanism. Prioritizes staff health and production efficiency


vitella semi-automatic divider
Semi-Automatic Divider
vittella semi-automatic divider rounder
Semi Automatic Divider Rounder
Hydraulic machine, with two cylinders for pressing, one cylinder for cutting.
vittella manual divider rounder
Manual Divider Rounder
Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and rounding are carried out with levers, while the shaping chamber is adjusted
vitella automatic divider
Automatic Divider
Hydraulic machine, with one double-acting cylinder for pressing and cutting.
vitella manual divider
Manual Divider
Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and knife cleaning are
vittella automatic divider rounder
Automatic Divider Rounder
Hydraulic machine, with two cylinders for pressing, one cylinder for cutting and one for rounding.
Kali Dough Ball Rounder
The KALI rounder is capable of rounding dough portions ranging from 20g to 1000g without requiring any adjustment or the replacement of any parts
SDR 400
Extremely Compact & Heavy Duty. High production: 7,200 pieces per hour


Esmach Lab
Five appliances within the Bake Yard
EsmachLab Smart
Starting with 2 sqm, EsmachLab Smart allows you to amaze your customers with fresh and healthy baked products

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