Meters & Chillers

STM is a leading manufacturer of electronic water meters and water chillers. Water meters improve the quality of dough, both in artisan and industrial baking processes.

The Domix line of meters keeps the temperature and dosage quantity consistent, avoiding deterioration of the dough yeast that can occur with thermal shocks typical of manual water handling. STM meters are accurate to within 1% of dosage requirements.

Chillers are also designed for long term reliable use, with maximum efficiency towards refrigeration and accuracy in water dispensing. All STM models are available in 115V or 230V voltage while the models directed to the North American market are UL/CSA and NSF certified.

Water Meters

STM water meter DOMIX 30 for bakery
STM Water Meter DOMIX 30
The most affordable STM Water Meter. Manually set your temperature and automatically dose water into your dough
Water meter domix 35
STM Water Meter DOMIX 35
The perfect combination of simplicity and reliability. Excellent precision and stainless steel case. Ideal for artisan bakers
Bakery water meter Domix 45
STM Water Meter DOMIX 45& 45A
A complete option for the serious baker. Stainless steel structure, 80 programmable recipes, by-pass outlet and excellent precision
Domix 60-70 water meter
STM Water Meter DOMIX 60-70
The automatic doser-mixer line DOMIX 60-70 is equipped with advanced software, and you can choose the number of outlets and inlets
Industrial water meter DOMIX 125
STM Water Meter DOMIX 125
Efficiently managing massive production, DOMIX 125 offers a simple and intuitive interface to help with that

Water Chillers

Industrial water chiller
Baktec BKL ICE EF Water Chiller
Fully closed, high-capacity cooling system. For optimum product quality, when the precise water temperature is essential
Industrial water chiller for bakery
STM Touch Water Chiller
Reliable, professional water chiller for a huge production, allowing to keep the water as low as 2°C all-day long, no matter the environment temperature

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