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Donut Equipment & Donut Fryers

Donut Fryers

Belshaw Floor Fryer 718LCG

Belshaw Donut Fryer Gas Floor Model 718LCG, 724CG & 734CG

Three different sizes of floor gas fryers from Belshaw, needing just 2 square metres. A convenient choice for donut production
Belshaw Floor Fryer 624

Belshaw Donut Fryer Electric Floor Model 618L & 624

Electric floor fryer, needing as little as 2 square meters, to create daily batch of yummy donuts. Convenient choice for donut production
Belshaw Tabletop Frying System

Bellshaw Donut Fryer Electric Tabletop 616B

A rock-solid, tabletop, dependable fryer for donuts and other fried products. Thank to its size it requires minim space

Donut Filters & Donut Fryer Accessories

Filter-Flo Siphon

Belshaw Manual Shortening Handheld Filter-Flo Siphon

Simple shortening siphon for manual use. Extracts and clears shortening from the fryer into a metal container and then can be used again
Belshaw Type K Depositor

Belshaw Handheld Donut Depositor Type K

Manual depositor for donuts, pancakes or hushpuppies. Best suited with small, tabletop fryers
EM Depositor SP/200

EM Donut Dough Volumetric Depositor SP/200

Variable speed, the two-stroke volumetric depositor, designed to handle batter with nuts, raisins or chips
Belshaw Depositor Type B

Belshaw Cake Donut Depositor Type B- Wall or Fryer Mounted

Designed for producing cake donut, but can be uses for other shape donuts as well. Meets all industry standards
Belshaw Shortening Melter-filter Ezmelt34

Belshaw Semi-automatic Shortening Filter and Melter EZMELT18 & 24 & 34

Belshaw’s shortening melter-filter EZMelt for cleaning shortening for always clean fryers and delicious donuts
Belshaw Glazer

Belshaw Donut Glazer HG18EZ & HG18C

Turning plain donuts into heaven. This glazer conveniently, glazed 24 donut in matter of seconds

Complete Donut Systems

Belshaw Cut-N-Fry System

Belshaw Tabletop Frying Cut-N-Fry System

Tabletop frying system designed for cake and yeast-raised donuts, hushpuppies, loukoumades and more, depending on the mix or recipe used
Depositor B mounted on floor fryer- column mount

Belshaw Complete Donut Frying System

Complete frying system, consisting of shortening filter, open frying kettle and depositor.
Belshaww Insider Donut Ventless System

Belshaw Donut System Ventless Insider

Everybody loves mini donuts! With this complete system, you can fry donuts without the need for ventilation. Plus can be customized with your own design

Cake and Donut Mixers

There are typically two types of donuts: Cake Donuts, and Yeast Donuts. Yeast donuts are made from dough very similar to bread, and should be mixed in a mixer designed to handle live yeast dough. Cake donuts are made from much sloppier dough, and can be mixed with a multi-tool mixer.

If you’re looking for a mixer designed for Yeast Donuts, please browse our selection of Italian Spiral Mixers here.

If you’re looking for a mixer designed for Cake Donuts, please browse our selection of Planetary Mixers here.

Pan and Donut Screen Washers

Standard North American sized baking pans and donut screens (18″x26″) do not fit in a standard undercounter dishwasher. Rather, you’ll want to look for a standing dishwasher or panwasher that can accommodate the larger sized pans and screens.

If you’re considering a pan or donut screen washer, please browse our selection of standing pan washers here

Donut Equipment & Donut Fryers FAQ

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