Bake Off Italiana Reach-in Convection Steam Oven Mistral

All-in-One Stackable Unit

The Bake-Off Italiana Mistral oven series offers modular reach-in convection ovens with steam capabilities. These convection ovens can use dry convection or a combination of steam and convection.

Great for bread or fresh, frozen and pre-cooked pastries.

Mistral is compact and versatile and grants high-tech performances, allowing you to control and set the chamber climate and the ventilation speed during the entire cooking process. Five hundred programmable (and password-protected) recipes are editable for up to 10 steps.

Work with EM Bakery to pick your custom build. Insert Pans lengthwise or widthwise. Pick an oven that holds 5, 6, or 10 trays. Plus, you can choose to combine or not with a stackable proofer, a baking deck, a condensing hood on top, and/or a support stand that can hold trays.

All models come in electric. Some can be equipped with a gas burner.

The brochure below is for the 10-tray oven module only. Please contact us for a brochure specific to your desired configuration and modules.

A Convection Steam Oven for All Types of Artisan Bakers

Baking Versatility

Program up to 10 steps to your baking cycle and choose between dry convection, convection, and steam. Each cycle can have its own independent temperature, steam, ventilation, and timing

21st Century Touch Screen Panel

Import recipes on USB, export data, change language, images, and password protection. Option to add wi-fi or ethernet connectivity

Modular Build

Choose between models to load trays lengthwise or sideways. Add a proofer, ventilation hood, stand with racking, or a baking deck (sideways tray model only)

Easy Cleaning

Stainless steel interior, optional automatic washing system (4 levels of intensity)

Fuel source: Electrical

Electrical: 3-phase 230 V (compatible with 208 V and 220 V)+ ground, 1-phase 230 V (compatible with 208 V and 220 V)+ neutral and ground

Shipping weight: 56 kg (123 lb)

Capacity: 10 trays 46×66 cm (18×26 inch)

Steam: Yes

Temperature range: Max 270°C (518°F)

Even baking: Yes

Modularity: No

Air movement: Forced convection

Control panel: Touchscreen

Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean

Safety: Temperature cool handle

Customizable features:

  • Fit 16×32 inches and 18×30 inches traysMistral with product
  • Single phase power
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Condensing Hood

Select From Various Options to Create Your Custom Stack

  • Tray Lengthwise: 10 trays or 5 Trays
  • Tray Sideways (TTR model): 6 Trays or 10 Trays
  • Proofer
  • Electric Baking Deck (sideways tray models only)
  • Condensing Hood
  • Stand with racks to hold Trays
  • & More

Interested in learning more? Contact EM Bakery to discuss the best configuration to suit your needs.

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