Bassanina Electric Deck Oven ECOPOWER

Effective Combination of Clean Energy & Great Value & The Best Production

One of the most reliable electric deck ovens, Bassaninia ECOPOWER, uses clean energy without producing fumes. Created for baking different types of baked goods, artisan and pastry products. From bread to focaccia, always the best possible. The baking quality is exceptional, products are always evenly and thoroughly baked. Excellent crust, texture and aromas, it’s a matter of course.

The oven comes with four overlapped decks, independent of each other. The top deck is 240 mm high, and the rest is 180 mm.

First and foremost, it’s an extremely powerful heating system, a complex of stainless steel heating elements. The system heats the air to the same temperature and maximizes heat exchange. This oven guarantees constant, optimal heat distribution and extraordinary temperature stability even while loading and unloading your product.

The sturdy oven constructions, made from stainless steel, ensure years of use. Different thicknesses of the material depend on the parts. The doors are completed with wide, tempered glass, removable for easy maintenance.

The baking deck is made from stainless steel and equipped with food-safe baking cement. The baking surface is fireproof and coated for easy cleaning. Each deck can be controlled separately and has its own steam system.

The intelligent management system allows you to set power, distribute between the bottom and top of the deck, program starting, save 99 recipes and weekly programmed starting.

The design and structure allow moving the oven to a different location without destroying the entire thing. Different sizes and models are available.

ETL electrical certified BISSC sanitation certification

Produce outstanding artisan products of the highest quality

Continuous Baking

Designed to bake continuously for 24 hours with no interruptions and compromise on quality

Absolute Steam Control

High-performance steam pipe per deck. The high amount of steam and short recovering time provides improved aroma, taste and longer shelf-life

Intuitive Control Panel

Smart Managment System Allows you to set the power of the heating & power of bottom and ceiling & save 99 programmes & weekly programmed starting

Build to Last

Durable stainless construction, armoured heating elements, and sturdy cement baking desks are designed to last lifetime

Fuel source: Electrical

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V) 60 Hz

Shipping weight: 2236 kg (4930 lb)- 4049 kg (8927 lb) depending on model

Steam: Yes

Baking surface: Stone hearth

Baking area: 3.84 m2– 9.60 m2

Temperature range: Max 300°C (572°F)

Even baking: Yes

Air movement: Natural convection

Control panel: Touchscreen or LCD

Modularity: Can be partially assembled or assembled on the side

Loader: Yes, integrated belt loader

Maintenance: Low maintenance and easy to clean

Safety: Automatic safety controls for temperature, safety button, steam exhaust fan, overpressure breather, loading/ unloading suction hood





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