Bassanina Steam Pipes Electric Deck Oven FEP

As Close to Gas as Electric Can Get

The most powerful electric deck oven in the EM Bakery catalogue, this oven has greater mass and thus greater radiating heat production, creating a bake on your product that performs as closely to a gas-powered steam pipes deck oven as an electric can get.

Each deck can be precisely controlled, with independent temperature regulation, steam production, and the ability to control how much heat comes from the top and bottom. The temperature remains constant and even throughout the deck, including after loading.

Designed to meet even the most demanding production needs over many years

This oven can be ordered to have either 2 or 3 doors, with 3 or 4 independent baking decks. Depending on the model you order, there are a few choices for useful chamber height.

A High quality Italian Engineered Electric Deck Oven

Our Most Powerful Electric Deck Oven

Built to satisfy the most demanding production needs delivering a high-quality artisan bake

Baking Versatility

Control the temperature, timing, and steam delivery of each deck independently to bake different types of products at the same time

Custom Programming

Equipped with a programmable digital control panel to suit your custom baking needs

Save Power

Built-in electric controller economizer reduced the installed power by ~50%

Fuel Source: Electricity

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V)

Shipping weight: 1384 kg (3052 lb)- 1860 kg (4100 lb) depending on model

Steam: Yes

Baking surface: Stone hearth

Baking area: 3.79 m2– 6.40 m2 per deck depending on model

Temperature range: Max 300°C (572°F)

Even baking: Yes

Air movement: Natural Convection

Control panel: Mechanical or digital control panel

Modularity: Yes

Loader: Oven peel or manual loader

Maintenance: Low maintenance and easy oven cleaning features

Safety: Temperature cool handle

Customizable Features:

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Weekends: Closed

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