Belshaw Donut Fryer Electric Floor Model 618L & 624

Dependable Fryer for any Donut Shape

Adaptable and dependable floor and electric fryer. Comes in two different sizes for different amounts of donuts.

The difference between models is in capacity. Model 618 holds up to 24 donuts, and 624 holds up to 36 donuts.

All models are equipped with a shut-off switch when they reach a temperature of 230° C (450° F).

The construction is thoroughly stainless steel, including the kettle and drain tray. The surface around the frying kettle is slanted, with a tall backsplash and adjustable bolt legs.

This model is designed to work with a Belshaw Cake Donut Depositor Type B. Every fryer comes with two screens with handles, depending on the fryer’s size.

If you are keener to get the gas version, check Belshaw Floor Model Gas Fryer 718LCG, 724CG & 734CG.


Any donut you can think of is possible! This fryer handles them all

Proved by Years

Stainless steel cabinet, kettle, and drain tray are sturdy enough to withstand daily use for years

Frying Screens

Every fryer comes with two screens for frying

Anything You Can Think Of

For donuts, funnel cakes, fried corn, falafel and more, this fryer has widespread use


Needs as little as 2 sqm, including cake donut depositor and open drain tray

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