Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II & Mark V

Identical Donuts with Every Batch

Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II and Mark V fryers are designed for automatic donut production. Fun to watch and easy to set and control. Donut Robot® is reducing oil use by up to 50%.

Donut Robot® Mark V differs from Mark II in size and hourly production. Mark V is slightly longer, and thence it can produce more donuts. The conveyor on these models can fit two standard-size donuts. Mark II and V have a conveyor, and a flight bar system spaced 9.5cm.

The frying is advancing. The construction is stainless steel with some aluminum components, like the hopper.

The fryer is equipped with a temperature switch- it will automatically turn off at 230°C (450°F).

Both Mark II and Mark V can come in the GP version. This version is designed only for mini-donut production. One conveyor row can fit four mini donuts, and the conveyor’s flight bars are spaced 7.6cm from each other.

Exceptional production and fun, eye-catchy for bypassers

Oil Use

Robot® Mark is decreasing oil use, comparing to frying kettles

Like a Peas in Pod

Every donut is fried for the same amount of time, therefore are almost identical

Adjustable and Variable

Frying time, shortening temperature and size of donuts are changeable

Hopper Capacity

Hopper can hold up to 4.5kg of batter

Customizable features:

  • Star plunger– a star-shaped centre of the donut
  • Shortening Reserve Tank- the container holding shortening or oil for easy refilling of the tank
  • Mini donut kit- accessory for Mark II and Mark V, and it allows you to do regular-size donuts and mini donuts in the same robot
  • Gas version- Robot® Mark II Gas& Mark GP II Gas, with the same features as a Mark II& Mark GP II, but runs on gas heat and little electricity


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