Bongard Hydraulic Divider Divimach

The Gentlest Divider on the Market

This divider won’t tear your dough, so it won’t tear your eyes! This heavy-duty divider will treat the dough with tenderness and keep its featheriness.

The rectangle-base divider Divimach is also an excellent fit for fresh and fermented dough. Divimach is equipped with “The Soft Dough System.” This system divides very hydrated or even fermented dough without degassing it. The dividing process is very gentle and done without damage.

The cutting blades are made from stainless steel as well as the grid. The lid is made from food-safe, non-stick plastic. Thanks to a smart choice of materials and construction, Divimach is very easy to clean and maintain.

Overall construction is heavy-duty, made from steel and finished with epoxy coating. Divimach is equipped with castors and brakes.

No bubble loss with Divimach. All the good stuff stays inside

Dust Control System

Divimach has a special air-tight system, which prevents the flour dust from spreading to air

All of the Doughs

Fermented dough or fresh dough? That is not a problem anymore, Divimach can handle both

Easy to Clean

Thanks to its smooth surface and automatic release of the knives

Sturdy Constructions

Divimach will stay at your bakery for a lifetime thanks to its heavy-duty structure

Shipping Weight: 414 kg (912 lb)

Min capacity: 4 kg

Max capacity: 20 kg

Number of Divisions: 6,8, 10, 16, 40, 80 pieces

Maintenance: Recommended periodic cleaning inside and outside

Safety: Emergency stop, dual control for activating the rise of the tray, dust control, electrical locking system- prevents the blades from rising before the tray

Customizable features:

  • Bongard Divimach comes in four different models- Divimach A standard, Divimach AG with grid adaption, Divimach AP dual pressure, and Divimach AGDP with grid adaptation and dual pressure.

* The video has a Dutch description, but you can turn on English subtitles

Troubleshooting? Want to learn more?

Take a look at our easy tutorial video, How is a divider for proofed dough used in bakery.

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