Bongard Paneotrad EvO

Consistency in Processing Fermented Dough

Paneotrad is a revolutionary, multi-purpose machine which reps two machines- a divider and molder. Paneotrad also provides a wide range of working solutions.

Paneotrad can easily deal with savoury and sweet pastry dough and is designed to produce traditional bread with a very airy texture.

While the dough is processed in Panoetrad, the natural dough’s structure is respected. The dough is degassing, and no stressful operations are involved, like in traditional dough molding and dividing.

Robust construction allows you to use it seven days a week without any major issues. Paneotrad is equipped with castors with breaks. It’s also very compact and can fit even into the smallest bakeries.

The working cycle provides consistency in dough processing from one batch to another.

If you are interested in equipment like this but are looking for an economy version, then be sure to check out the Manual Divider for fermented dough – Manotrad.

Our vision is to improve the taste of the bread and to help the artisan bakers to demonstrate their talents.

Working Time

You can decrease working time by 30%

A Great Variety of Shapes

Triangles, rounds, squares, baguettes. Paneotrad can have 30 molding forms and can be chnaged in 30 seconds

Airy Dough

The dough is not damaged during the process, and keeps the airy pockets and enhance flavours

HIgh Production

Paneotrad can produce up to 340 baguettes per hour

Customizable features:

  • Paneodust- for even dusting divided pieces




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