Bongard Roll-In Retarder Proofer BFC

Affordable Quality and Precision

The Bongard Roll-in Rack Retarder Proofer (BFC model) is a high-quality retarder proofer that can be customized to your production needs. Built in France by Bongard, one of the world’s foremost baking equipment companies with over 100 years of experience.

This unit can be ordered as a proofer-only or as a retarder proofer. To know more about the differences between a proofer and vs. retarder proofer, click here.

This unit is designed to accommodate single and/or double racks that can be rolled in, ideal for pairing with a roll-in rack oven to simplify production and labour costs. This retarder proofer can allow you to do a slow or traditional fermentation at a low temperature.

A control panel allows you to save up to 30 pre-saved recipes.

Control temperature and time at various stages and automatically switch from retardation (refrigeration) to proofing at the time and temperatures you select. This will allow you to make your dough in the afternoon or before closing, refrigerate it in the retarder proofer, and then have the retarder proofer automatically turn into the proofer overnight so that when you or your staff arrive in the AM, they can roll the first racks out and put them in the oven ready to bake.

Designed for Artisan or Industrial Bakers

Customized to You

Multiple standard and custom layout options: we work with you to suit your production needs. # Racks to hold, Single or Double, # of doors, coatings, etc.

Quality Manufacturing

Excellent corrosion-resistant body

Digital Control Panel

Designed to give you complete control of automated refrigeration, proofing, and/or both.

High Quality at a Competitive Price

With over 100 years in baking equipment manufacturing, Bongard has mastered the retarder proofer manufacturing process

Type: Reach-in retarder proofer, roll-in retarder proofer, cabinet retarder proofer, bakery retarder proofer

Proofing temperature range: 40°C (104°F)

Humidity range: 99%

Cooling temperature range: 

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (compatible with 220 V)+ neutral and ground

Capacity: Depending on model

Control panel: Electromechanical

Shipping weight: Depending on model

Maintenance: Low maintenance, designed for easy cleaning

Customizable features:

  • Stainless steel inside and/or outside
  • Built-in insulated floor, or order without a floor if you place directly on concrete
  • Electrol mechanical controls
  • “Tropicalised” refrigeration unit
  • Additional lighting

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