Canol Pizza and Flatbread line

Neverending Pizza Stream

This multipurpose line allows the automatic continuous production of pizzas or flatbreads.

With its unique “Zero stress” technology, this line can process many types of yeast dough with high hydration. It also prevents the dough from losing gluten and then losing rising gases; this makes the final product as good as hand-made pizza dough!

Made from stainless steel in combination with food-safe plastic belts. The line is also designed according to hygienic criteria for cleaning and to reduce the pilling of flour and dust. It meets all hygiene requirements of the food industry.

With Zero-stress technology handle easily any yeast dough

Unstoppable Streamline

Designed for the automatic production of flatbread and pizzas

Variety of Sizes

This line is available in numerous varieties to fits your needs

All Shapes and Sizes

This pizza line can produce traditional round pizza as well as oval, square or rectangle shapes

Easy Change

The change from one product to another is easy and quick


Troubleshooting? Want to learn more?

Check our second video about Automated pizza and flatbread line.

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