Cuppone Pizzaform

Long-day Production of Pizza Is Coming Your Way with Cuppone’s Pizzaform

This Cuppone’s Pizzaform is an unbeatable addition to your pizzeria. Designed in Italy and patented by Cuppone.

A special pizza dough press manufactured in five different sizes. Produce pizza bases up to 50 cm (19.7′”inches). Pizzaform has a high production rate, up to 400 pizzas per hour, without specialized employ.

Stainless steel construction with a special, heated plate design. You will get a perfect pizza shape with a traditional edge with every press. Heated chrome plates gently seal the dough surface, helping to bake evenly. Top and bottom press temperatures can be set differently. The press time can be adjusted as well.


ETL electrical certifiedIEC Certification logo   NSF Certification logo

The long-lasting, low-maintenance work-horse for the serious piazzaiolos

Perfect Shape and Thickness

The pizza dough is always superb, thanks to specially shaped plates

Jaw-dropping Production Speed

Up to 400 perfectly shaped pizzas per hour

Easy to Operate with

This machine is self-contained and no specialized employ necessary

Easy Adjustment

The thickness of the dough can be changed easily by builtin lever

Fuel Source: Electricity

Electrical: 3 Phase 208 V+ Neutral

Shipping weight: 184 kg (406 lb)- 244 kg (538 lb)

Control panel: Digital panel

Safety: A stop button, safety guard

Maintenance: Easy to clean


Customizable features:

  • Can be equipped with a stand, with or without wheels
  • Available with single, double or triple drawers


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