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Bake of Italiana Micro Deck Oven: Deckbake

Small Production in a Pinch

This electric Deck Oven (mode: Deckbase 250) is great for quick-serve locations or any small production on a countertop. Designed to fit a Bake Off Italiana combi convection oven on top.

The Bake off Italiana electric deck ovens have perfectly modular and independent cooking chambers for simultaneous cooking of different products. You are able to precisely manage the temperature, the distribution of heat, and the production of steam. Each deck has a refractory stone for bread, pizza, pies, and pastry.

Bake Off Italiana - Combi Steam Oven: Deckbake 250

A high performance electric deck oven that can fit anywhere


Delayed start, automatic pre-heating, and program blocking by password. Or use it in manual mode

Modular & Compact

Stack a convection oven ontop, or build out your own tower of small production

Baking Accuracy

High perforamnce thermal insulation, and ability to control the tempearture distribution between top & bottom in percentages

User Friendly Troubleshooting

Automatic detection and errors report

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