EM Donut Batter Volumetric Depositor SP/200

Clever and Precise Design for Ultimate Production

The SP/200 is a two-stroke volumetric depositor that can deposit many different types of batter. Neither raisins, chocolate chips, nor nuts are the problem, batter consistency. This depositor can handle from thick oatmeal to runny lemon meringue consistency.

The depositor has dual piston action, which allows precise transfer from the hopper to the pan due to the accurate weight selection system and air-tight system of pistons and distribution cylinders.

Thank to speed control, it’s adaptable to your preferences. Can be easily set from dropping one piece every second or every 10 seconds. This option makes it easy to adapt single-person operating or production lines.

The depositor is made from stainless steel, ensuring long operating life and meeting sanitary standards. It is also easy to wash or change parts, thanks to the clever design. Dissembling the depositor is easy to clean, which helps keep super performance.

Nuts or runny consistency are not an obstruction for SP/200

No Batter Is a Problem

The depositor can handle any batter, even with raisins, nuts or chips

Easy to Take Care of

Parts are quickly disassembled and removable for washing and exchanges between different batters

Keep it Clean

The dual piston allows an efficient transfer of product from the hopper to the pan without any mess

Quality Construction

Thorough stainless construction is easy to clean and approved for high sanitary environments

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