EM Economy Proofer Cabinet on Wheels

Invincible Price/Perform Ratio

Great on-budget option proofer. Excellent in holding temperature.

This proofer has a glass door, which can be opened to more than 90°. This allows you to check what is going on inside easily. Also, the door has very strong magnetic sealing to ensure the proofer has zero heat loss.

Another attention for zero heat loss is in protecting foaming material and energy-saving protection.

The proofer is equipped with a circular digital display to view the inner temperature easily. The control of the proofer is equipped with buttons. One to control humidity and a second one to control temperature. Another button is for holding the same temperature.

The thorough construction is made from stainless steel for long life and easy maintenance. The inner tray holder is partially removable.

The cabinet is equipped with a humidifying water plate to prevent food loss and improve the taste.

Uniform temperature improves food colour and taste

No Heat Loss

The proofer is filled with foaming material to prevent heat loss and save energy

Magic Door

Can be opened more than 90°, have super strong magnetic sealing, and you can check what is going in since they are entirely from glass

18 Trays

This is how much pans of size 45.7cm x 66 cm (18"x 26") can fit inside

Dual Control Technology

Adjusting for the best temperature and humidity to help extend preservation and storage time

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