Escher Bowl Lifter Tipper ESBL Industry Line

Streamline Your Production Bakery Processes

ESBL line was designed for artisan and industry production and is composed of two lines.

This line consists of two modelsOne is designed with output on the table, and the other one has output to the standard divider.

ESBL Industry line includes a wider range of models, whereas the biggest model can reach up to 3.5 metres in height. This line is designed for industrial use and can be customized.

The control panel on the side has five buttons, which makes the control user-friendly. The lifting can be fully automatic or semi-automatic.

The lifter-tipper has a bowl scraper to ensure no dough waste, a safety grid, and a bowl rotation system.

The overall construction is made from quality stainless steel, ensuring a long working life.

Designed for industry and also artisan use

Bowl Scraper

The ESBL line is equipped with a scraper to dig all the dough out

Wide Range fof Models

The output of the table up to 3.5 metres height


The lifter-tipper can be widely customized to fit all your need

Sturdy Constructions

The lifter-tipper can be used for decades and still be going strong

Customizable Features:

  • The ESBL lifter-tipper comes in five models– ESBL 120, ESBL 180, ESBL 240, ESBL 300, and ESBL 350- the difference is in maximum discharge height.
  • ESBL can be part of a fully customized line. If you are interested in this line, contact us.

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