Escher Planetary Mixer PM-DB line 200L to 800L

Under the Bridge

The biggest planetary mixer from Escher, with 200 to 800 litres capacity. This is PM-DB lin, the heavy-duty, professional mixer for big facilities! This mixer is equipped with double tools and a removable bowl.

PM-DB mixer has a bridge construction, the bowl is equipped with wheels and pushed under the structure, then elevates the bowl for mixing.

Great for mixing airy-textures creams, plum cakes, short pastries, sponge and almond cakes in industrial or semi-industrial facilities.

The mixer has a few cool features. The bowl can be cooled or heated up during the mixing. Another one is that negative or positive pressure develops on the mixture during stirring can.

The PM-DB mixer machinery is oil-free. This feature improves hygiene and reduces machine maintenance.

The mixer control panel is not mounted right on the machine and is standing separately on the side and, of course, allows you to save recipes.

Unique design and features

Bridge Structure

Mixer has unique "bridge" design, the bowls are pushed under and then lifted

Bowl Temperature

The bowl can be heated up or cooled down during the mixing process

Oil Free

This mixer gear doesn't run in oil, which reducing maintenance and improves hygiene


Positive or negative pressure can be put onto mixutre during stiring

Type: Planetary mixer, dough mixer, batter mixer

Bowl capacity: 200L- 800L

Shipping weight: 1150 kg (2535 lb)- 6500 kg (14 330 lb), depending on model

Tools: Has nine different tools- Thick-wire whisk, Fine-wire whisk, Ascending spiral, Descending spiral, Paddle spatula, Whisk with cylindrical wires, Cross whisk, Spatula whisk, Scraper

Lifting: Automatic

Safety: The emergency button, mixer is not working when the mixing head is lifted

Maintenance: Oil-free equipment, recommended periodic maintenance

Weekdays: 8:30 - 5:00 PST

Weekends: Closed

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