Esmach Tabletop Planetary Mixer 20L

Moderate Production in Small Environments

The Esmach tabletop Planetary mixer (Model: E-PLANET) is designed for serious bakers with a small space. It can be placed on top of a workbench or on a dedicated stand. The machine is equipped with three fixed feet and an adjustable rear levelling foot to adapt the machine to the supporting floor.

This planetary mixer and its interchangeable tools (spiral hook, whisk, and spatula) can be used to process creams, sauces, mayonnaise, mixes and dough, including dough of different densities and consistency (even some bread dough), in addition to dough for delicatessen products.

The design and smooth surfaces allow a quick, simple and accurate cleaning.

The removable bowl allows you to carry it to your production area rather than offloading your sauce/mix into another container, saving time and clutter. Simple, quick and safe bowl hooking with locking levers. The tools are easy to assemble/disassemble, even when the bowl is already fitted.

The bowl stainless steel capacity is 20 litres (reduced capacity option available). Over the bowl is a flour protection device.

Standard tools: stainless steel spiral hook, stainless steel wire whisk, and stainless steel spatula.

All-around Compact Table-top Planetary Mixer

Compact Design

Fits on a table-top/ counter, or put it on a dedicated stand

Sleek and Silent

Robust, accurate and silent construction

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel bowl and washable lid to easily clean between mixes

Interchangeable Tools

Quick and intuitive tool connection to prep for your next mix

Type: Planetary mixer, cookie mixer, dough mixer, cake mixer

Electrical: 3-phase+ ground 208 V (compatible with 220 V)

Bowl capacity: 20 kg (44 lb)

Shipping weight: 135 kg (298 lb)

Tools: Stainless steel hook, stainless steel whip, stainless steel flat beater

Lifting: Manual

Safety: Safety guard, emergency button and safety grid

Maintenance: Easy to clean, just wipe down

Customizable features:

• All Stainless steel structure
• Supporting frame
• 12 l capacity reduction kit consisting of the adapted stainless steel tank, stainless steel whisk, stainless steel spatula, stainless steel spiral

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