Esmach Bread Roller EGR-2B EVO Automatic Group

The 5-in-1 Bread Roller

A multipurpose workstation, combining five machines into a compact and versatile one. This bread roller consists of a rotary divider, first moulder, rest belt, second turntable moulder and long moulding device. 

Thanks to different combinations and sequences, during processing, can produce a wide range of bread shapes. Besides well-known ones, this unit can produce ciabatta, zocolleti and other Italian types of bread. It can also mould long loaves up to 48cm. Divider head allows to vary in length and thickness as well.

Durable steel construction with anticorrosive coating ensures a long working life. Cutting knives are made from stainless steel and coated with Teflon. The machine is equipped with castors and an electric control panel.

The feeding belt is lowered to a height of 1405 mm to ease dough loading, and the powered conveyor belt for dough portion collection at the second moulder’s exit improves the roller’s comfortable and ergonomic use. The belts allow adjusting the machine to 1-way or 2-way output.

Great machine for great products

Long Loaf Moulding Device

The bread roller is able to produce loaves which are up to 48cm

Wide Shape Options

Wide range of bread shapes, as a cibattas, francesine, zoccoletti, mantovane and more

Quality and Reliability

In combination with accurate processing, ensures the output of precise-weight dough pieces

Clog-up Prevention

Controlling electromagnetic detector to prevent any clogging

Electrical: 3-phase+ ground and neutral

Total Power: 4.95 kW

Shipping Weight: 830 kg (1830 lb)

Weight Range: 0.05- 1.2 kg single dough piece, 0.25- 0.6kg double dough piece depending on model

Control Panel: Electronic control panel

Production Range: Up to 8000 per hour, depending on model

Maintenance: Recommended periodic cleaning inside and outside

Safety: Emergency button, safety sensor- if plastic lids are not closed, the machine is not working

Customizable features:

  • Comes in two models: EGR-2B EVO Standard automatic group, EGR-2B EVO + UL Automatic group, with the option of delivery on the side

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