Esmach Self-tipping Spiral Mixers: 80 kg to 200 kg

Ergonomics First and Foremost

Emptying spiral mixer bowls several times a day, week after week, can lead to back problems caused by repeated arduous movements.

With the Esmach Self-Tipping Spiral Mixers, you no longer need to lean into the bowl to remove the dough. Instead, simply press the electromechanical control on the operating console to lift and tip the dough onto a work table or into a hopper for a volumetric divider. This both speeds up the workflow and largely reduces the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) in staff.

The Self-Tipping mechanism is designed to work with EM Bakery’s Exclusive, best-selling mixer line from Esmach. These mixers result from decades of Canadian & Italian engineering, manufacturing, and baking experience poured into one machine. They are designed to help you make your best dough: perfectly hydrated and never overheated, delivering continuous and consistent handling.

High quality and reliability, with a premium being paid for production line efficiency and staff safety

Increased Productivity

Mix it, tip it, and start again. Quick, painless, efficient

Customized to your Production Workflow

Hydraulic Lift designed to either dump at bench/table height or hopper/machine height (ex: volumetric divider)

The best of Italian Workmanship

Decades of Canadian & Italian engineering, manufacturing, and baking experience poured into one machine

Safety & Ergonomics First

The lift is here to ease your life, so you don't have to lift the heavy bowls anymore

Type: Spiral mixer, dough mixer, bread mixer, bakery mixer, pizza mixer

Electrical: 3-phase+ ground 208 V (compatible with 220 V)

Minimum capacity: 105 kg (231 lb) of dough

Maximum capacity: 200 kg (440 lb) of dough

Bowl type: Fixed bowl

Shipping weight: 923 kg (2035 lb)- 1397 kg (3080 lb)

Maintenance: Wipe down, easy to clean.

Safety: Emergency stop, the mixer only operates when standing in front of it, lifting and tipping only by pressing two buttons

The Right Self-Tipping For You

Esmach Self-Tilting Spiral MixerModel T-L Designed to tip onto a work table: a compact solution that reduces manual work without affecting space in the workplace.

The version with low unloading can be used with mixer sizes of 80 kg, 100 kg, 130 kg, 160 kg, and 200 kg max dough capacity.
• Low tipping model for tipping dough on a table
• Left or right tipping model available
• Comes without a dough chute




Model T-H Designed to tip into a volumetric divider: the typical solution to feed an automatic line with minimal occupied floor space. The version with high unloading can be used with mixer sizes of 130 kg, 160 kg, and 200 kg max dough capacity.

• High tipping model for tipping dough into a divider’s hopper
• Left or right tipping model available
• Can be ordered with or without dough chute
• Recommended for intensive production

Increased productivity

It is vital that the spiral mixer be emptied as quickly as possible once the mixing process is complete so that it can be used again. When removing the dough from the mixing bowl manually, the speed at which the baker works sets the pace for production. When using a self-tipping mixer, however, the entire content of the bowl is emptied at once onto a work table or into a hopper, and the spiral mixer is immediately available for another batch, thus eliminating any downtime.

Designed for Safety

To ensure the best possible level of safety, the baker can only operate the spiral mixer when standing in front of the operating console. The bowl can only be lifted and tipped by simultaneously pressing the two control push buttons, thus eliminating any risk of the user being beneath the spiral mixer when it unloads and guaranteeing the safety of the baker.

*video above shows the tipping mixer at hopper height. Models that tip onto a table height are also available

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