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Esmach Spiral Mixer+ Veggies/ Cheese Adapter

For the Artisan Pizzaiolo Among Us

Distributed exclusively by EM Bakery, this special order 2-in-1 Esmach Spiral Mixer comes with all of the traditional benefits of the Esmach spiral mixers plus a veggies and cheese slicer attached.

Thinking of switching away from a planetary mixer to deliver the spiral mixer quality, but don’t want to buy a separate tabletop veggie slicer? This is the product for you.

Spiral mixers create a premium low heat and homogenous dough with an excellent gluten structure, whereas planetary mixers beat the dough between the hook and a non-rotating bowl. As a result, planetary mixers create a stressed gluten format, high in heat and with poor crumb and texture development. A spiral mixer avoids this and also speeds up mixing time, reducing labor costs and boosting product quality at a cheaper price over planetary units.

This mixer is specially designed to fit a standard vegetable or cheese slicing/shredding adapter. Ideal for Pizza artisans

Esmach spiral mixer veggie

A Mixer that Allows Artisan Pizzaiolos to Create the Best Dough

Create Your Own Programs

Create up to 9 programs to automate your recipes. Control bowl rotation, jog, mixer speed, and timers.

Bring out your Inner Pizzaiolo

Get the benefits of a spiral mixer plus save on space with the veggie and cheese slicing adapter

A Size that’s Just Right

Comes in 30kg, 60kg, and 80kg

High Quality at an Affordble Price

Decades of Canadian & Italian engineering, manufacturing, and baking experience poured into one machine

Type: Planetary mixer, dough mixer, bread mixer, cake mixer

Minimum capacity: 30kg(66lb) of dough

Maximum capacity: 200kg(441lb) of dough

Shipping weight: 255kg (562lb)- 740kg (1631lb) depending on the model

Electrical: 3-phase 208/220 V, 1.5- 8.2 kW depending on model

Maintenance: Easy to clean, just wipe down

Safety:Safety guard, emergency stop and safety grid

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