Friul Co. Tabletop Dough Sheeter M33

Maestro of Pizza Making

Say hello to precise pizza dough. This sheeter will quietly sit on your bench and produce one pizza after another!

The unbreakable stainless steel construction and overall design are ergonomic, fast and safe to use. The rollers are non-stick.

This shetter emphasizes on safety of operators, and it is equipped with a bunch of safety features- dough chute, guards and micro-switch.

The dough sheeter is equipped with rubber legs for easy cleaning around and under.

We carry two models, M33 and M51.

The main difference is the size. Both the size of the shelters as well as the size they can produce. The M33 can make sizes up to 33cm, and the M51 can do up to 51cm. Other than that, the sheeters are the same.

Heavy-duty dough sheeter

Safety Features

Friulco cares, so this sheeter is equipped with bunch of safety features

Easy to Clean

It has legs, so it's easy to move for cleaning, but not tricky for everyday use as the legs have rubber, for stability

Minimum Space Required

Its little size will almost make you forget that it's there, but the efficient production won't

Different Sizes

No matter what pizza size you want to do, we have your back

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