Hoba Bun Slicer HSC-BL

Bun Slicer with Adjustable Slicing Height

Fully automatic bun slicer for baguettes, hamburger buns, cakes and rolls.

This bun slicer is developed to slice the buns and rolls with a band blade totally through in two or three layers. The position scales can adjust the slice height with easy settings.

It is effective enough for semi-automatic use, but its design makes it easy to install in any automatic system. The machine is completely constructed to the client’s requirements from a basic design, and many variations can be delivered.

Simple to use, optimum protection and ease of cleaning make this machine most worthwhile.

Big-Mac best friend

Unbeatable Production

HSC-BL is able to slice up to 5000 pieces per hour

Double Slicing

For beloved Big-Mac buns

Fully Automatic

Can be used separately or can be integrated into automatic system

Sturdy Constructions

Solid stainless steel constructions, which will last for a lifetime

Customizable features:

  • Cover from stainless steel
  • Conveyor belt adjustable speed for
  • Product counting

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