IGF Tabletop Dough Sheeter L30/ L40

Pizza Dough Whisperer

This dough sheeter from IGF will turn the dough into the crispiest known pizza.

Pizza roller with two adjustable rollers, and the upper one is inclined. Ideal for round pizza, thanks to the sling bar. This helps to rotate the dough before passing through the lower pair of rollers.

It’s made from stainless steel in combination with non-stick Teflon. The gear is made from special resin with an emphasis on long working life.

The rollers are protected for safety and easy manipulation. The one where the dough is entrancing is eased by one extra, neutral roller.

Durable, long-life sheeter for excellent pizza dough

Rollers Opening

The rollers open 4,5 mm at max

Sturdy and Durable Construction

Stainless steel in combinataion with Teflon promising years of use

Adjustable Rollers

One of them is inclined and allows you to set up the desired thickness

Longlasting Gearbox

The gears are made from special resins for longer lasting and less maintenance

Customizable features:

  • The sheeter can be painted white
  • Can be equipped with a pedal for control
  • Voltage variations on request


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