Pizza Deck Oven Tauro

Variability at its Best

Precise temperature, energy saving and quality pizza. All this and way more are packed in this pizza oven.

Let’s start with the decks’ possibilities– you can choose from seven different size models and three different crown heights- 6, 8 or 10 inches. And the decks can be stacked up to four to suit the needs of your place.

Biscotto di Sorrento is one of the best stones for baking pizza, especially Neapolitan pizza. You can bake your pizza right on the stone.

A side electromechanical panel controls the oven. You can save up to 10 programs and control the top and bottom heating elements separately.

Italiana FoodTech Pizza Oven Tauro is made to last. First-class stainless steel from top to bottom. It’s also equipped with castors for ease of mobility and cleaning.

This pizza oven emphasizes precise temperature control. The oven can reach up to 500°C (932°F). The double-glass doors are equipped with a heat shield for zero temperature loss, and the temperature is not influenced during heavy use while the temperate stays are constant. You can turn the economy mode during the baking break to reduce power consumption.

Don’t forget to mention the best feature- self-cleaning. Individual fans keep the electronic components and the decks spotless.


Energy Saving Mode

Eco-mode provides energy savings, which makes to oven low operating cost


This pizza oven allows you to customize the height, number of decks and even a color

Biscotto di Sorrento

One of the best baking surfaces on the market, it produces Neapolitan pizza like no other

Zero Heat Loss

Unique heating elements around the door won't allow the heat to escape

Fuel Source: Electricity

Electrical: 3-phase 208 V (optional 1-phase)

Shipping weight: Depending on the size and number of decks

Baking surface: Biscotto di Sorrento

Baking Area: 0.52 m2– 1.26 m2, depending on size

Temperature Range: Max 500°C (932°F)

Even Baking: Yes

Air Movement: Natural convection

Control Panel: Electromechanical control panel

Modularity: Yes

Loader: Pizza peel

Maintenance: Low maintenance and easy oven cleaning features

Safety: Temperature cool handle, safety thermostat, cooling fan

Customizable features:

  • You can choose any color you like to uplift your space
  • Seven models are available, you will find your perfect fit
  • The control panel can be installed on the left or right side
  • The oven can be on a stand, have a proofer under the decks, or have a rack for pizza pans
  • Optional seam system
  • If you need space even for baked goods, you can have one deck with a metal baking surface


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