JAC Slicer Swift 450

Smart Bread Slicer

Bread slicer with self-feeding and smart slicing feature.

This slicer will become your favourite co-worker. It comes from JAC, which carries brand quality and reliability.

The thorough construction is made from stainless steel, making it last for years. The slicing knives are made of steel, and the feeder is made from food-safe PVC.

SWIFT 450 has many smart features. Starting with adaptive smart slicing– Intelligent Slicing Control. By setting this feature on AUTO, the slicer will detect what kind of bread is slicing and adjust the slicing strength based on the crust. This ensures precise slicing every time.

Another perk of this slicer is the built-in blower, making bagging easier.

The last one is the automatic feeder. Easily load the slicer with different kinds and sizes of loaves, and the slicer will do the rest by itself. Compared to other models, this one does not count on gravity but has plastic rollers.

As a JAC slicer’s norm, this model is equipped with a crumb collector, wheels and a side table.

Ideal slicer for bakeries

Built-in Blower

This bread slicer has a built-in blower for easier bagging

Intuitive slicing

The slicer is equipped with advanced technology that automatically detects the type of bread being sliced, adjusting the slicing strength

Easy Feeding

Load the slicer with bread, and it will feed itself automatically

Crumb Collector

With a crumb tray, you can slice for days without any mess

Electrical: 1-phase 115 V

Production: 300 loaves per hour

Shipping Weight: 180 kg (397 lb)

Safety: Safety switch, safety lock, the machine is not working if it’s not fully closed

Maintenance: Easy to clean by brush, damp and dry cloth

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