Pastaline Kali Dough Ball Rounder

Identical Dough Balls

The rounder is designed to be used with various types of dough. It easily handles pizza and bread dough. But also, the inner cylinder can have a Teflon coating, and then the rounder can be used for very moist and greasy doughs.

The rounder is equipped with innovative cooling technology,  which could down the temperature from the motor on the bottom. This helps the dough ball proceed at room temperature. This cooling technology also helps with maintenance.

Reliable and sturdy constructions require periodic maintenance and cleaning, but will serve you for a lifetime!

NSF Certification logoIntertek sanitation mark

The KALI rounder is capable of rounding dough portions ranging from 20g to 1000g without requiring any adjustment or the replacement of any parts

Variety of Dough

Pizza, bread and even moist and greasy dough is not a problem

Easy to Round

spiral b with either 4-ridge or 12-ridge cylinder

Innovative Cooling System

The rounder is cooled down while rounding

High Production

Rounder can make up to 1800 pieces per hour

Shipping Weight: 75 kg (165 lb)

Weight Range: 0.02 kg- 1 kg, depending on model

Programs:  No

Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning

Safety: Emergency button

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